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    Docker container and docker image, what are they?

    Newbie here but maybe this example will give you another insight. I have been running a prebuilt image which I run with a docker run and several parameters for bind mounts, environment variables, networking etc. I needed to change the Group ID of the user running that running docker container...
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    Best resource to get a good grip of DevOps for a sales person

    Hi there, wife works in a sales role for a SW company that has a DevOps offering. What would you suggest she could read/look at to understand the skills, organizational, business insights of this? I would love her to be able to have enough insights to be able to properly select efficient...
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    Migrating Linux from ARM to Intel AWS EC2 node

    Dear friends, I have been running a fairly complex Linux server with docker images, mongodb, apache jena/fuseki and a complicated crontab and python environment on an AWS node with an underlying ARM architecture. I only have an SSH access to it. This damn node has hung twice in to months and...