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  1. thr

    Linux news aggregators?

    I'm looking for sites like lxer and linuxtoday - sites that post links to Linux news and articles daily. I'm not looking for sites that post news like itsfoss, I'm looking for sites like LinuxToday that post links to articles from itsfoss, omgubuntu etc. Are there any others? I'd like to add...
  2. thr

    Shopping for a Linux laptop

    I know it's a bit of an old thread, but I'm sure someone will still find it. I actually just wrote an article on the best Linux laptops (with a pre-loaded Linux distro), and featured about laptops and a dozen more companies that exclusively sell and support Linux hardware. If you're looking for...
  3. thr

    Looking For Lightweight Distro

    Well, you're in luck. :) Just finished writing a list of 50+ lightweight Linux distros. Check it out, you'll definitely find one that suits you. Although 4GB RAM is not that "light", all of these distros will work fine.