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    Today's article is another PDF type of article...

    Thanks I will check it too
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    Solved GNOME desktop environment

    I heard about GNOME 42, the latest version, offers several enhancements: Modern Look: GNOME apps have been ported to GTK4, resulting in a sleeker appearance and improved performance. Settings Redesign: The Applications, Displays, and Remote Desktop settings have been revamped. Screenshot and...
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    If not for certifications, how are you going to prove your skills in IT fields outside of programming to th HR who shortlists your resume?

    In fields where showcasing programming projects is less applicable, like tech support or L1 database administration, certifications can indeed play a crucial role. They provide a standardized measure of your skills and knowledge, which can be especially helpful when you don’t have extensive...
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    what is the best linux to use for Steam and Playing MineCraft?

    I think the best Linux operating system for gaming is Drauger OS. It is based on Ubuntu LTS, but it uses a low latency kernel and a high scheduling frequency to optimize performance. It also supports multiple gaming platforms, such as Steam, Lutris, and Wine, and it has drivers for various...
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    Anyone like classical music?

    Sometimes listen Mozart after work for some relax
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    Basic Security

    To my opinion. Mining is a vital activity for many cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, that rely on a decentralized network of nodes to verify transactions and secure the blockchain. However, mining also poses various challenges and risks, such as cyberattacks, environmental impact, regulatory...
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    A short term devops course(worth <30hrs of curriculum)?

    Technical Skills: DSA: Crash Course on Data Structures and Algorithms (3-5 hours) - Focus on fundamental concepts like arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, sorting, and searching. Competitive Programming: Introduction to Competitive Programming (5-8 hours) - Learn basic problem-solving...
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    Best cloud service provider for my case?

    I suggest taking a look at DigitalOcean, Linode, or Vultr. These platforms offer cost-effective options that are perfect for learning purposes. They have user-friendly interfaces, comprehensive documentation, and helpful communities that can greatly support you on your journey. Given your...
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    The tenacious software developer dilemma.

    Transitioning from beginner to advanced in programming requires a shift in approach, especially for backend and DevOps roles. Here's your roadmap: ** Advanced Programming Books:** The Pragmatic Programmer: Master software development principles & best practices. Clean Code: Craft clean...
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    Food Favs

    I love Asian cuisine as SOUP PHO
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    Windows going full cloud? Thank you Linux!

    Windows going full cloud is a trend that has been happening for a few years now. Microsoft has been slowly moving its Windows operating system to the cloud, and this trend is likely to continue in the future. There are several reasons for this trend, including the increasing popularity of mobile...
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    Google's new maneuver against the free internet

    It's important to stay up-to-date and involved in conversations surrounding internet regulations, net neutrality, and the influence of big tech companies on our online experiences. It's worth keeping in mind that Google doesn't hold all the power when it comes to shaping the internet. Ongoing...
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    I'm Not Normally a Gamer......However........

    Great! I used to play wow from recent times
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    What should I learn next as a devops beginner?

    Considering the technologies and tools used in your company, here's a suggested learning path: Docker: Since Docker is a critical tool for containerization and deployment, it should be your next focus. Learn how to create, manage, and orchestrate containers. Docker Compose is also essential...
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    The back woods country music

    Sound cool and unusual
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    Gospel Music/Gospel Rock

    sure listen in free time
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    Today's article is about n00bs

    thanks for sharing
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    What Is Linux

    wow It is interesting to me too
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    Another Linux noob onboard

    nice to meet you here