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  1. Ratilaprime

    that usb cannot be formated

    Maybe it doesn't want to create the filesystem because /dev/sda3 is mounted. You could try to unmount /dev/sda3 before writting the filesystem on it, but I must Warn you that I'm not an expert at this by any means. You might want to wait for someone way more competent than me to know what you...
  2. Ratilaprime


    I am pretty sure that Roblox won't run on Linux because the developpers didn't want to (I've seen someone say somewhere that the Devs think Roblox on Linux would attract too many hackers but I don't know, I think it's just rumors). Maybe you could try running it through Wine, but I've hear that...
  3. Ratilaprime

    [SOLVED] Need lightweight distro suitable for old RCA tablet

    From what I saw online, this tablet has a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, but I can't find the architecture yet. Edit: seems like it's using an intel processor according to this website:
  4. Ratilaprime

    [SOLVED] Need lightweight distro suitable for old RCA tablet

    Hi Jim43, I really don't know much about distros that work well on tablets, but from my really short research, it looks like an Ubuntu system might work for your tablet. I don't have much time today to do an in dept research, but it could be a system to choose from. I will also apologize for my...
  5. Ratilaprime

    Duel Boot. Linux GamePack - UALinux and Windows

    Just to make sure I understand properly: You have two different hard disks, disk 1 has Windows installed in it and disk 2 has the Linux Distro installed in it. I'm assuming you have changed the boot order in your BIOS to boot in disk 2 first. When your computer boots into disk 2, you are...