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    DAC sound card

    Actually that is an ADC, not a DAC. The OP was asking about using a DAC.
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    Wizard's Nook ... Beware of the Three-Headed Dog. Tips, Tricks and a bit/byte of News.

    Chris, That is one mighty impressive GRUB image. I am glad to see that you are still up to your old ways. The most Linux distros that I have ever run at once is 11, but even that was confusing to my old brain cells, HA! HA! HA! I'll be watching this thread for sure to pick up some tips. Rocky...
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    Timeshift -- how to delete folder?

    Sounds great Chris. Of course as I age I amenjoying the Grandkids even more. I am just working with a very old laptop that is running Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1 and I figuring out the timeshift configuration. As I work with this machine more I will definately be coming back to this thread for...
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    Timeshift -- how to delete folder?

    Thanks for the tutorial Chris. Rocky Bennett
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    What is the difference between Windows & Linux?

    You are going to receive a lot of different answers to your questions, but to ME I think that the main difference between Linux and Windows is support. With Windows you MIGHT receive some company support from Microsoft, but with Linux you WILL receive a lot of direct community support. The Linux...
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    Hey Everybody, I'm New Here

    Thanks to everybody. I have been enjoying reading a lot of threads, but so much is over my head right now. I am still soaking it all in.
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    Hey Everybody, I'm New Here

    Howdy, My name is Rocky and I am just a real curious dude when it comes to learning about Linux and other computer stuff. I am an old hippie and I have spent some years living in the woods in a teepee in a hippie commune, so this whole computer thing is new to me. I hope to meet some nice...