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    mental well being and coping strategies

    I wanted to brew my own ginger beer, just to see if I can do something myself, not depending on government or business. The Covid-19 house arrest makes one feel rather powerless. I have tried various recipes, some with more sugar than others. What makes it more difficult, is I am trying to...
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    mental well being and coping strategies

    All I wanted to do is end up with a low alcohol ginger beer, just using naturally fermented yeast from sugar, water and the yeast found on the skins of the ginger. I have been ending up with sugary water with a ginger kick and a sugar rush to the head for months now. I can see the yeast at the...
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    mental well being and coping strategies

    I had the strangest experience during this crazy time on this crazy country. After months of no tobacco and beer, the first cigarette and the first beer was the most rewarding experience. I just drink beer now, no more cheap vodka that messes with your eye sight or cheap cigarettes either. I...
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    mental well being and coping strategies

    Some big shot woman in the government said that smokers were more vulnerable to this corona or crown virus and will fill up the hospitals beds. Then the casualties came from diabetics, high blood pressure and obese people. Smokers are underrepresented everywhere from China to France in...
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    mental well being and coping strategies

    I was thinking the same thing when they banned nicotiana tabacum in South Africa at the start of the crown virus pandemic over here in March. I could buy cigarettes on the black market but it was too expensive. Then they told everyone you could grow your own marijuana for personal use. So I...
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    mental well being and coping strategies

    I'm joking about the Americans that think up a bunch of conditions and everyone just believing what they say because they make lots of money.
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    mental well being and coping strategies

    I think at least ass burger people are honest, you know where you stand with them.
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    What Internet Browser(s) are you using

    Firefox on Ubuntu and Firefox Lite in Android Go. The tracking protection sometimes cause trouble in some websites and then I have to use Chrome.
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    Android 9

    It updated in March or sonmething. Maybe will get one more update, like Android 11 when it's out of beta.
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    Android versions

    You are right Poorguy. I just noticed a special on a Nokia 2.2 at a local store. Stays up to date and the screen is not too small. Just right.
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    Android versions

    Okay, I know Android is not strictly Linux and so on, but I have the following problem. I want to buy a smartphone or tablet and noticed the budget ones have either Android Oreo or Android 9 that will probably update to Android 10 on Nokia and Samsung devices. If I choose say, a Alcatel...
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    Install VLC Media Player on Ubuntu 20.04

    Yes, I also prefer sudo apt install. The snaps use more data and sometimes are less stable. That was my experience with Firefox.
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    Compromised would be appreciated.

    That's the strangest thing! When I messed about with Fedora, removing programs I didn't need, things got unstable, not so with Zorin OS. Don't know why. Anyway, my Zorin installation is doing fine. In my country they banned cigarettes and beer! Terrible! At least I still have Linux!
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    Hello everybody

    Uw Engels is heel goed en Zorin is mijn gunsteling Linux versie. Pardon mijn Nedrlands is niet zo goed, gewoond aan Afrikaans. I started with Zorin years ago and used many distros after that but keep returning to Zorin because it a whole lot less trouble. Blijven veilig en was uw handen heel...
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    Relax, and take your time.

    Maybe he wanted everyone else to have a base to built on, including many people creating open-source software or his a Russian spy surveilling everyone using Linux servers? Seriously, I must just mention Mark Shuttleworth, who threw open Linux to the common people.
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    Relax, and take your time.

    I wish I was a penguin right now, they don't get sick of viruses easily.
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    Relax, and take your time.

    Linus Torvalds reach enlightenment and then he got into a trance and forgot to make a complete OS on top of his kernel. That's really mysterious!
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    Need some advice on what Linux Distro to choose

    I hope it works for you. Zorin keeps a good consistently reliable distro, some others get worse after major changes to new releases.
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    Kenny Rogers Legendary Country Singer Dies at 81

    Great balade singer! His music lives on.