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  1. lomszz

    Issues with starting a Linux install.

    If none of these works you could try Ventoy. Never had problems with this one, and one of advantages of it is that you can have multiple installation disks.
  2. lomszz

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Current daily driver, linux mint only one which is rock solid :D
  3. lomszz

    Solved Showing applications on taskbar

    It should appear on dock if it's open, have you done some tweaks?
  4. lomszz

    Removing Pesky Desktop Icons.

    Search "desktop" from start menu there you can choose no icons at all or remove mounted ones :)
  5. lomszz

    Ubuntu 24.04 now ready for download along with it's spins.

    Tested and went back to Mint, i had some weird bugs and crashes don't know if it's my machine or everyone's. Well atleast Mint is rock solid:cool:
  6. lomszz


    Nobody forces you to update again, when i used Pop OS i didn't have problems at all. Now I'm waiting for cosmic to be released :D Keep in mind flatpak updates are always "big".
  7. lomszz

    Desktop enviroments

    KDE used to be my favorite, since i got NVIDIA GPU I decided to stay on Gnome. Desktop isn't so responsive on KDE. Tried some tricks from google & reddit i found but didn't help :(:D
  8. lomszz

    Post a screenshot and the config of your Conky

    weird how some have different problems with drivers, for me 535 has been solid :D
  9. lomszz

    What is the newest hardware you have Linux installed and running on? (not counting smart phones)

    Mine is not so newest but specs here:D Motherboard: Asus tuf gaming B550-PLUS CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X RAM: 16gb 3200mhz GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060 12gb PSU: PSU EVGA GT 650W 80+ Gold
  10. lomszz

    Solved Setup the shortcuts on Pure OS

    Are you sure command is right one? Have you tested it with terminal for example
  11. lomszz

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Zorin 17 has been on spin now, kinda like it still, so using this for now month or two. Have to change once a while, what i love about Linux when there's so many choices of distro (maybe too many) :D
  12. lomszz

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    I have been running Ubuntu almost 2 months, can't really figure why people hate it so much. 1 thing could be because forcing snaps, still with newer PC snap apps isn't that slow. I even have started coding with Flutter/Dart and both IDE through snaps no problems, BTW upgraded to 23.10 this week...
  13. lomszz

    Graphics driver confusion

    This should help you figuring out everything needed for example: gaming -> Drivers,
  14. lomszz

    Screen suddenly goes black on ubuntu 23.04 (not at login)

    Asking isn't ever stupid. Better to ask rather than for example spending couple days finding bug myself at code :D (I like to find everything myself hard way)
  15. lomszz

    Screen suddenly goes black on ubuntu 23.04 (not at login)

    You install them same way you did before :D, don't worry we everyone start at some where and as noob. I would do fresh installation fully.
  16. lomszz

    Screen suddenly goes black on ubuntu 23.04 (not at login)

    How did you update to 23.04? Have you tried full reinstall with installation disc rather than upgrade.
  17. lomszz

    Configuring RGB under Linux

    I tried OpenRGB at some point, but I haven't bothered to use it. I'm fine with the default colors.:D
  18. lomszz

    MX Linux systemd Doesn't Login After Installing Nvidia Driver

    That driver version should be compatible with your GPU. Here's reference Supported GPU's Have you tried installing drivers using the debian wiki, MX is debian based so it should work. NvidiaGraphicsDrivers
  19. lomszz

    Switching from windows to Linux

    Any distro is fine with web developments, it doesn't really make any difference which you're using.
  20. lomszz

    KDE 6 is on the way

    I love kde, but it feels sluggish on my machine after i got Nvidia gpu. Gnome is a lot faster on current setup. :D