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  1. ghostanon

    For The Record

    For the record, if you are interested in pentesting and you're brand new, I think you should absolutely use Kali. Any professional athlete or anyone who is competes at a high level will say, "practice how you play." You can't go to the batting cages and hope to be a great wide receiver. So...
  2. ghostanon

    Problem with graphics driver upon boot on Kali Linux (black screen after splash screen, no blinking cursor)

    ".because if you're going to use Kali, it's automatically assumed that you're proficient enough to fix your own problems, and shouldn't NEED to ask questions of anybody." I'm going to respectfully disagree. I've used it since Backtrack, I use it everyday and there's always stuff I'm learning...
  3. ghostanon

    Problem with graphics driver upon boot on Kali Linux (black screen after splash screen, no blinking cursor)

    rocm will break Kali. If your using AMD I suggest LLVM and mesa3d
  4. ghostanon

    Problem with graphics driver upon boot on Kali Linux (black screen after splash screen, no blinking cursor)

    It's mostly likely your /usr/lib/systemd/system/x11-common with dev/null You can check by running source /usr/lib/systemd/system/x11-common/ If you get it pointing to devl/null then delete it. Reinstall x11-common, sudo systemctl daemon-reload, systemctl restart x11-common. Then you should...
  5. ghostanon

    little help on Kali tools

    You'll most likely get the best answer and the easiest one by looking into the packages. That's how they're installed. For instance look at the Kali-top10, or Kali-everything. They don't install them individually they're usually part of a bigger package of tools with shared dependencies.
  6. ghostanon

    Why do you do it like that?

    This is a question I get asked somewhat frequently. It is the question of why do you install Kali on bare metal. Well, actually there's a couple reasons, using a VM on a laptop in the field is slow to say the least and there's some issues when it comes to connecting to networks or using a VPN...
  7. ghostanon


    I was curious if anyone is using LLVM extensively or has any experience with it. What was the usecase you used it for? What can it be used for? I'm looking to get some more indepth info about how this can be utilized at more specific usecase scenarios rather that just system wide.
  8. ghostanon

    how to edit sound and video files in linux ?

    I use a combo of vlc and openshot for the videos I make There's also shotcut and kdenlive. Careful with anything KDE if it's not your native desktop. They tend to try to take over. Openshot is very simple to use but has great features. Shotcut is a...
  9. ghostanon

    Stuff broke

    There's a step by step tutorial on kali's website for downloading nvidia drivers. I have found it to work very well if it's followed correctly.
  10. ghostanon

    sh not working when attempting to run script.

    You need to be in a /bin/sh shelll
  11. ghostanon

    Kali boots to GNU Grub

    I believe that is correct. They basically follow what debian does so there ya go. It's kind like selecting xfce as your DE. Except in kali it's about a third xfce, 13 kde and 1/3 gnome. Don't believe me. Try removing all of kde or gnome from your xfce and see what happens.
  12. ghostanon

    Kali Everyday

    It could always be used for everyday use. It's no more unstable than any other rolling release. What makes it unstable is the bevy of tools downloaded from other places that break your system. If you kept you non repo tools in virtual env and did the updates it would be just fine. The...
  13. ghostanon

    GRUB Rescue:Need help from someone with patience

    Shut your computer off. Install bootable drive. Start new install. When you get to the partitioning, select manual and be sure to delete the data on each partition, delete the partitons and start over. Honestly, you'll drive yourself nuts trying to use grub rescue. The commands are all...
  14. ghostanon

    Am I Stupid?

    I've use the webshells. I personally use them for pentesting, however....If you can upload one to a webserver through flaw or misconfigured server, then you can get RCE on the server.
  15. ghostanon

    Linux admin to Devops engineer

    There's alot to still get a handle on. I'm sure it's already been mentioned but just in case. You 'll definitely need to master python. You should knwow perl, C and C++ really well also. LLVM, clang, gcc are someo the more well used build architecture for linux. Unix also comes in handy...
  16. ghostanon

    Need some assistance with LLVM

    I would like to build the LLVM-AMDGPU backend but I am really confused about how to even start. I have compiled and installed llvm-17 and clang. It was done through the llvm-project so there's other related files. If anyone is familiar with that process I'd like to hear from you. My...
  17. ghostanon

    How do I get Xfce back?!

    sudo apt install kali-desktop-core, kali-themes, lightdm. And for future reference, you don't have to delete one first, hteybe fine installed at the same time. Oh yea, one more thing.....make a backup before doing something like that. An external hard drive is cheap nowadays.
  18. ghostanon

    Kali is packin on the pounds

    I hate to say it, but Kali is getting bloated and heavy. I'm not sure what the devs are doing but this push for gnome is not something I'm thrilled about. They keep adding tools, alot of which are non-functioning, need repair or are a knock off version of something already installed. There...
  19. ghostanon

    Kali Linux update issue

    For starters it looks like you've tried downloading the same file multiple times, hence the errror. Where did you download this from and to where. Bare meta.? VM? Dual Boot? Laptop? Desktop. Without knowing much, I would suggest this and in case you 're curious, Kali will break sometimes...
  20. ghostanon

    What is your home set-up?

    My only two usernames that I've used back in the day were actually given to me by others. Keep in mind this is 2010 timeframe. One was ghost because I had a habit of just dropping out of chats or only being present when there was stuff to do. The other one I got later was Ronin. I developed...