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  1. APTI

    Netflix and Hulu on Debian 12

    firefox esr does not have the ability to stream video or anything else. You will have to install google chrome to stream. Or switch to a different linux flavor that does not use firefox esr. You needed full firefox not the esr release. I have dealt with this on debian distros before and it is...
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    Unable to print wirelessly

    no, actually the information was given to you days ago, you just didn't notice it.
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    Linux doesn't get installed!

    before you try to install, delete all partitions from the internal hard drive. Then see how it goes. It sounds like you are installing on maybe a small part of the drive and it is not made bootable. Try what I said and see how it goes. May also want to run SMART on the drive and make sure it is...
  4. APTI

    ClamAV has a bit of a learning curve...

    This is why I do not run wine nor recommend it. windows viruses are windows programs and if you make it possible to run a windows program using wine you make it possible for a virus to do the same. I will not even warranty a computer if the client installs wine. There are plenty of linux based...
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    Unable to print wirelessly

    you have to set the printer to a static IP that is on the same segment. if you are the printer would be , If you were at the printer can be, and you have to join the printer to the wifi including the password. Just setting static IP will do...
  6. APTI

    Advantages of Wayland over X11

    I end up disabling wayland in favor of X11 on most devices because wayland support for much of the software is poor at best. In fact I have fixed many things simply by turning off wayland. What wayland seeks to do is great, but the implementation of it has been bad. Wayland is good but not ready...
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    Unable to print wirelessly

    do yourself a huge favor and have the tech set the printer with a static IP address. This will save you problems later on.
  8. APTI

    Unable to print wirelessly

    The problem is common and once your printer IP address changes for any reason you lose wireless print. So best is to look at what IP address you had on your printer in the computer's configuration for the printer. Then check the IP address you have on your computer in the network settings... You...
  9. APTI

    What machine to go with?

    Only problem with the AIO is they have no place to put expansion cards in. I forgot that you would want that to control the dual boot. But you can still do it without the card but more complicated. In that case you look at the drive and trace the wire to where it plugs into the system board...
  10. APTI

    What machine to go with?

    Some laptops have 2 drive bays but not many. as for the AIO it will fit 2 ssd's and I sell adapters to put 2 SSD in the regular HDD spot. Long as you can plug it in. I make the adapters here with a 3d printer and I will give the design if you can print it.
  11. APTI

    What machine to go with?

    as a beginner I suggest not doing dual boot. And if you want dual boot I suggest a desktop so each OS can have its own drive and that eliminates so many problems with the multi boot world. Dual boot is full of many many wonderful problems mostly caused by windows updates.
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    What machine to go with?

    If you want a laptop I have great luck with the HP elitebooks. Just know that the fingerprint reader is not supported yet.
  13. APTI

    What machine to go with?

    if you want it to work I suggest looking at Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint as your more likely choices. I prefer Fedora myself. As to the equipment you can choose just about anything that is not a chromebook. Try to get something with 8G RAM and quad core processor as a minimum. That pretty much covers...
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    Just a sleepy question.

    It is best to understand the 2 modes... sleep put the computer into a low power mode but DOES NOT SHUT DOWN POWER. that means it will drain your battery. hibernate WILL SHUT DOWN THE POWER and save the computer in the state you left off on. This will NOT drain battery. so make your choice...
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    Why my PC stucks like that???

    in addition to you system hardware can you include the type of hard drive if it is mechanical or SSD. Where are the 2 operating systems located? on the same drive or different ones?
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    Fedora is stiff

    windows should never beat linux fedora. you have something wrong there. You mentioned using a mechanical HDD rather than solid state drive. I find that 95% of the time when things get slow it is a failing HDD. Go into the utilities and select the disk app. Then select your HDD and then select...
  17. APTI

    Anyone switching back to Windows 11 for this awesome "feature"?

    because I do service windows for clients. So I need to know what to warn them about and what to be ready for. Ignoring your competition is a sure way to failure. those of us professionals know that if you want stability and security you use Linux, if you want job security you get windows.
  18. APTI

    Anyone switching back to Windows 11 for this awesome "feature"?

    wow, I just read up on this and I foresee an influx of people coming into my shop to get rid of windows or at least disable all the anti-privacy in it. Keep up the good work microsoft, the best way to destroy something is from within.
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    cpu turning off by itself

    hard drive errors are the biggest cause of strange behavior. It is one of the first things I check when a client complains of the system getting slow or random freezes or shutdowns. It is much easier to rule out the hard drive using S.M.A.R.T. than to spend countless hours looking at settings...
  20. APTI

    My SSD has Died and No Backups.

    What brand of SSD is this? I have used some "off brands" and found they fail easy and are often sub standard. This is why I only sell western digital, Seagate, Kingston, or crucial. Those brands stand behind the product. Many off brand use amazon as RMA and tell you to buy a new one and return...