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    Running 3rd party software for csgo

    Hello! There is this program, but only for windows though, kinda like faceit but less known. The website is: I want to run it in linux so that I can play on their website, but how can I manage to do that?
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    Scaling Mode, DXVK, Wine, Lutris Questions

    Okay, thanks for the help! Another question, do you know what scaling mode is? If yes, can you change scaling modes in linux specifically for games like CS:GO to have a stretched image or an image with black bars? Example:
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    Will Asus mg248qr (monitor) work with linux?

    As the title says, does this monitor work with linux just fine as in windows? Like changing game modes, brightness a.s.o on the monitor settings.
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    Is my hardware compatible with linux ubuntu?

    Hello all! I'm thinking of upgrading to Linux ubuntu and I want to make sure that all drivers for my components are there to download for Linux, but I can't find them on the support websites Specs: Cpu: i5 3570k gpu: asus rx 480 dual ram: corshair 2x4 ddr3 @667Mhz Motherboard: Gigabyte Ga z77m...
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    Scaling mode in ubuntu

    Hello everyone, I'm quite new to Linux and as a cs player, I want to know if I can change scaling mode, meaning if I could stretch the resolution or maintain aspect ratio. Now in windows it is very easy to do so, but how do you do that in Linux Ubuntu?