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    Linux on external SSD

    The benefit of an SSD is speed, not space. They act the same as a regular hard drive, so you can install windows and linux on them as usual. If you want lots of space and you don't want to pay a lot for it, get a regular hard drive. You can pick the OS to boot into at the GRUB screen. It's as...
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    Walmart Surf Onn 2 In 1 Tablet

    This tablet is a smaller version of my Dell Laptop and is so much easier to carry around ;)
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    Folks, could you recommend a pet camera (home camera) with good speakers?

    Folks, could you recommend a pet camera with good speakers, cause my dog doesn’t recognize my voice at all from the cam I’m using now. Appreciate any help.
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    Laptop for Linux - Budget $800

    Can recommend ASUS VivoBook S15 , something around 700$
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    Friend of mine also recommend HitFilm Express. Does anybody use it ? Please share your experience
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    Need help finding a laptop for college under 500

    For low money I bought used laptop with windows. More cheap new laptops sell with installed Linux. If you use win software for education is the best choice. My Matlab does not work via Linux(
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    Can't Enable Microphone

    What's default input you turn on?
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    I have encountered with an issue of choosing right software, as far as I need to edit videos daily. That's all for my blog and website, as well as presenting videos to the customers. Is it worthy to buy subscription for Adobe Premiere?
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    Relax, and take your time.

    Hey! Glad to join your community! Wish you spend time during quarantine well)