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    NFS shares problems

    1.What OS are you using ? 2.What is NFS Version on that system ? 3.Have you tried manually mounting ?If not try manually mounting it like below mount -t nfs -o [options] /NAS/volume /mount mount -F nfs -o [options] /NAS/volume /mount 4.Check source what NFS Version your source is compatible...
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    Career advice

    This statement is killer "it may sound crazy to leave a well-paid job" in your path it is almost same thing like this quote "If i do something what people will say ".This have stopped many inventiones even. History and mythology also tells same "Pravish Nagar Kije Sab Kaja ,Hriday rakhi...
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    Linux Boot-Time

    Thanks Jarret for your absolute detailed process for optimizing linux desktop or server boot time.What i have observed if any heavy server more than 256GB RAM POST is always validates memory which takes too long at firmware level.Is that possible to avoid memory validation ? Will that is...