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    Help! My linux crashed when i restored from a system image after a kernel update.

    HELP. The update installed kernel, packages and flatpak updates but with some error . so i want to roll back to before the update to redo it correctly and restored a btrfs backup from before the update. then the whole desktop and file disappears and UI all janks up. battery shows 0. Everything...
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    How to detect and fix file corruption in /boot, /boot/efi ,and /?

    will try. thx for the recommendation!
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    rtx 3070 max-q not getting max power limit of 125 w from dynamic boost in xorg 11 and wayland

    Computer Type: laptop, nuc x15, Intel NUC X15 Laptop Kit LAPKC71F GPU: RTX 3070 max-q CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-11800H Processor (24M Cache, up to 4.60 GHz) , no overclock Motherboard: Intel LAPKC71F Motherboard , lastest bios KCTGL 357 0044 RAM: Crucial 16GB ddr4 3200mhz x2, no overclock...
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    How to detect and fix file corruption in /boot, /boot/efi ,and /?

    Hi. thanks for your reply. Could you kindly point me to commands or tools used to repair /boot and /? I found tools for repairing grub and other bootloaders but I cannot find out how to repair /boot and / without timeshift backups. I am using BTRFS backups and my /boot is in ext4 format so I...
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    How to stop steam games scale with desktop scaling in xorg 11?

    It also happens in wayland but its manageable since in wayland only available resolution in game are changed to reflect scaling. In xorg 11 the game's resolution scales to match the desktop scaling and it causes distortion and downright black screen for me. I can always change desktop scaling...
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    How to detect and fix file corruption in /boot, /boot/efi ,and /?

    Can you introduce some tools and commands to me for /boot and / repair? Some says on arch you can make a hook to pacman and make a tar ball of /boot, and i guess that means to make a tar ball backup using a function in the package manager? I use nobara 37 / modified fedora 37 and the default...
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    How to detect and fix file corruption in /boot, /boot/efi ,and /?

    In windows it's very likely to corrupt system data in the ntfs partition so I am very worried about the same in linux. Normally on windows the repair process is basically doing dism and sfc, rebuild efi partition from a live usb. I understand linux are separated into different mountable...