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    Errors when installing elementary on Lenovo ideapad 5

    Hi there, Thank you for the reply. I got elementary working by pressing ctrl+alt+f1 and going into the shell. Then had to do a lot of manual package installations. I ended up having various kinds of issues with display, audio etc.. Mine is intel graphics and not nvidia - may be that's causing...
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    Errors when installing elementary on Lenovo ideapad 5

    Hi There, Hoping some one can help me out. I am new to installing linux on a pc. I got a new lenovo ideapad 5. I am trying to install elementary using a boot usb created with rufus as mentioned in the elementary.io website. I get the errors that I attached in the screen shot. I would really...
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    Problems installing Ubuntu on Lenovo Ideapad 5

    Samwise, Just checking if you were able to resolve this issue. I got a new ideapad 5 and it doesn't show the legacy/uefi option. I disabled secure boot, set the configuration to default in the exit menu. When I press F12 when the laptop boots it only shows the ssd drive and not the USB drive...