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  1. SquidHM3

    Understanding and using the alias Command

    JasKinsasis, that is one heck of a post! I'm not nearly that complex :)
  2. SquidHM3

    Understanding and using the alias Command

    I actually have a very similar alias to do my updates, although I still like to confirm what's going to be removed/upgraded so I leave the "-y" out.
  3. SquidHM3

    Python Series Part 4: Flow Control

    And here I was, doing my flow control all wrong! I was just holding it all in until I peed my pants. Now it all makes sense. :)
  4. SquidHM3

    Do I necessarily need rufus or another tool to install an OS iso on a laptop with a usb boot?

    I'm not sure when Mint 22 will come out, but I would imagine in the next month or two. Might be worth holding off until then? Just my $0.02. You can always do a LM 21.3 install medium that's for sure. You'd at least have the latest in that case. :)
  5. SquidHM3

    Solved Ext4 partition recovery advice needed

    SO glad this worked for you - I haven't had this happen yet, but when it does.... I'm bookmarking this thread. :)
  6. SquidHM3

    My SSD has Died and No Backups.

    I strongly suspect the only thing that can cure / combat any *zilla problems would be Godzilla. Just sayin'. ;)
  7. SquidHM3

    What was your favorite version of Windows (if any)?

    I'm right there with you. I still use Win-10 for gaming (I really should figure out how to install my Skyrim, etc, mods under Linux!) but I am forced to use Win 11 at work. Ugh :(
  8. SquidHM3

    Anyone switching back to Windows 11 for this awesome "feature"?

    Pluton processor, you say? Why does that sound suspiciously like "Putin" Processor?? Things that make you go, "Hmm...." No. I am not moving to Windows 11 for that crud. I'll confess my gaming PC is still Win-10 based. If that copilot garbage shows up prior to its EOL next October, that's when...
  9. SquidHM3

    My SSD has Died and No Backups.

    Indeed, this has also happened to me. I have two USB HDDs (a 1TB and a 2TB), a 512GB SD card, and Dropbox. I learned the freakin' hard way. And to the one who uses optical media - no judgement, as I still have a DOS 6.22/Win 3.1 system in great shape (save for a dead 5.25" floppy drive)! LOVE...