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    Looking for a slim distro

    i'm using Linux Mint XFCE 19.3 Edition on old machines like yours Maybe also Debian XFCE or Lubuntu
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    I have a problem with my dual boot w10 + ubuntu 19.10. Please, someone helpe me!

    try to get the latest updates for your Ubuntu, then try again. I had the same problem, now it is ok sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade
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    does i5-10210U meet minimum installation requirements for latest ubuntu

    of course yes, this processor is Debian/Ubuntu/LinuxMint capable do not worry. Just go ahead
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    i am Extreme Beginner, Need help!!! Need Friends!!!

    GParted on LiveUSB is a one simple and quick way to resize your swap partition. For your SSD, i'm sorry i can not be of any help
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    Install VLC Media Player on Ubuntu 20.04

    i'm not sure if things have chaged now, but i try to avoid using snaps evey now and then on the latest ubuntu 20.04 So here is how i managed to install VLC on my UBuntu Focal Fossa machine: how to install vlc in ubuntu 20 04 LTS using terminal CLI apt How to install VLC from the Ubuntu Software...
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    How to reduce police font size on and change theme ? On FEDORA 32

    Hi everyone, If you are using GNOME on your Distribution, just activate your Universal Accessibility and activate the Option titled: Larger Text. It will be zoomed to 125% If you need more or less zoom value (for example 150% or 110%), just install Gnome-Tweaks via the equivalent of (since i'm...
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    Install Zoom Client on Ubuntu 20.04

    I prefer using the Zoom.us website to get the zoom client at first, then use the zoom client update button to update the software, (which will download the latest DEB package of the Zoom Meeting Client) to install via Terminal (GDEBI or DPKG) or via the GUI using the software center. Here is a...
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    WebCam problem with VirtualBox (Windows10/7/XP) guest machines

    Hi everyone, I've just installed an Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop Edition on a Dell All in One inspiron 3477 with Webcam that works correctly on it. and since i need a Windows machine to benefits from the Language Interpretation features of Zoom Meeting application (that works only on Windows an MacOS...