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    Unable to mount newly added disk by created LVM Partition

    Hello Friends, I use Oracle VirtualBox and CentOS7. Recently, whenever I have tried to mount a newly added disk by creating LVM Partitions it shows an error. I'm attaching the screenshot of the problem, please help me. Regards, Rupesh Kumar
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    SSH Server Connection Issues

    Hello Friends, I wanted to ask, when I am trying to establish a connection with server side machine through SSH connection, I am unable to connect and receiving an error "Unable to connect". What should, I do? Thanking you in advance.
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    Nagios & Zimbra

    Thanks a lot @kc1di for your answer, it means a great deal. I went to the website under support sections, but its too costly to be honest. I needed to learn this field because of job priorities. Thank you
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    Nagios & Zimbra

    Hello Friends, I want to learn about Zimbra and Nagios (i.e., as Beginner to Advance Level), what should I do to learn about this topic and where do I learn about it are there any resources i.e., video lectures or documentation or notes? Thanking You, Regards, Rupesh Kumar
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    Entry Level Job in Linux System Administrator Profile in India

    Hello Friends, My name is Rupesh Kumar. I have completed my MCA in 2016 from NIT, Agartala. I have 3 years 4 months of experience in three domains, but not in IT sector specifically. I have recently completed "Linux Course" and looking for job in IT field, but due to proper experience in IT...
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    Thank you @wizardfromoz

    Thank you @wizardfromoz
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    Does anyone knows how to prepare for Shell Scripting and Docker for Linux technical support...

    Does anyone knows how to prepare for Shell Scripting and Docker for Linux technical support interview? It would be really great if anyone could answer in this respect.