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  1. Rover

    What does this mean?

    Can I solve it? It shows up at boot and shutdown and I'd like to understand what it means and solve it if it's an issue
  2. Rover

    HI :D

    I just saw this subforum and thought about introducing myself: I'm a (very soon, just a few months away) student of Computer Science, whom is already learning as much as possible. Right now I'm half way ending "Linux Fundamentals" by Paul Cobbaut, which is helping me a lot with bash, and...
  3. Rover

    Processor Architecture?

    I was going to download Debian and when going to get the ISO I have to choose it depending on my Processor's Architecture, and I have no idea how to look at it, any guideline? Also, should I get 'small installation image' or complete one? I've read 'small' needs Internet to install, which I...
  4. Rover

    Quick "Hi" and a little doubt.

    Hello, (Linux) world. I just arrived, and I'd thank if anyone can help me with which filesystem to format my external hd and, in fact, how to do it, because I thought of ext4 and it seems it's not preinstaled in my SO (currently Mageia, thinking about going to Debian, any advice on this too...