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  1. MacgyverPT

    Installing Linux on an iMac

    I installed Ubuntu 19.* on my MacMini 2009
  2. MacgyverPT

    Love Manjaro

    Now I use Manjaro and it was a perfect choice! Perfect for development
  3. MacgyverPT

    kali Linux 2019.2 on Windows 7

    You can use live usb, its easy to use
  4. MacgyverPT

    Building new Linux computer

    The easy way is you testing your hardware with live CD/DVD
  5. MacgyverPT

    New Laptop

    Hi guys. Since 21 December, I use only Ubuntu on my Macbook Pro. Since last week (I had a problem that can't resolve - graphics card broken and apt also broken - no, I didn't install any package or upgrade system), and I had a work to finish, so I "removed" Ubuntu and installed a flavor of my...
  6. MacgyverPT

    How to install Debian on MacMini (2009)

    Hi guys. News from this Machine. Remove Debian and Install Ubuntu 18.10 and surprise?? All works perfect! Like my laptop (Macbook Pro), all my machines have GNU/Linux installed!
  7. MacgyverPT

    New Laptop

    Hi guys. Unfortunately I don't bought a new laptop BUUUUUUUUTTT I've Macbook Pro laptop since 2009 (with upgrades: +8GB Ram and 250gb SSD) and I was sick of OSx so easy to guess what I do :D YYEEAAAHHHHH I remove OSx and install GNU/Linux :cool::D:D:D I install Ubuntu 18.10 on my machine, all...
  8. MacgyverPT

    How to install Debian on MacMini (2009)

    @wizardfromoz I'll waiting for that suggestion
  9. MacgyverPT

    How to install Debian on MacMini (2009)

    I dont live in the US and add that two lines and worked perfectly. But we are always learning, so we only need the first one, right?
  10. MacgyverPT

    How to install Debian on MacMini (2009)

    Hi guys. I've a old MacMini (late 2009 => Core 2 Duo CPU (P8700) @ 2.53GHz, 8GB PC3-8500 DDR3 RAM @ 1066MHz, Nvidia Geforce 9400M, 80GB HDD) and I was sick of OSx, so I want install a fresh new flavour on this machine. The choice was obvious and we called Debian :D The process is very simple...
  11. MacgyverPT

    Gaming on Linux - Which distro?

    I bet on Debian to create a gaming machine. Many years ago, I installed steam on OpeSuSE and I've more FPS than same game on windows (testing Counter Strike:Source and Day of Defeat: Source)
  12. MacgyverPT

    New Laptop

    Thank you. I have a friend and he have bought this hybrid and sell it after a few months. Thanks God I spoke with him after I wrote the post! :D:D
  13. MacgyverPT

    New Laptop

    Hi guys. New option: LENOVO MIIX 320-10ICR. Can I install GNU/Linux on this machine?
  14. MacgyverPT

    New Laptop

    Thank you @Scout . That TP is another option.
  15. MacgyverPT

    New Laptop

    Hi guys. I've try post this question on "Laptops/Netbooks" secton, but I have insufficient privileges to post there, so I decided write on this one. I want buy a new laptop for programming (python, Java, PHP...) so I saw this laptop (Bladebook Fall 2018) with Manjaro. I like this laptop, so my...
  16. MacgyverPT laptop stickers

    Where i buy the stickers? portugal need more penguins!! :D
  17. MacgyverPT laptop stickers

    Cool. :D
  18. MacgyverPT

    Need help

    Like @atanere said, I share the same opinion. Look and try the LFS (Linux From Scratch) project.
  19. MacgyverPT

    Linux Mint 19 V2 .ISO

    You're right... All machines doesn't have UEFI :D