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    Windows Tech Support phone spam

    As far as I know, ultraviewer is a remote control software, so they did want to gain some accesses to your PC. It's an old scam trick, I think, but it worth informing. A little Google search brought me to some reports that have been filed at since 2014! I...
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    Digital microscope

    Talking about this, I think I'm also interested to use Linux with my telescope and camera to make some kind of astrophotography or videography (I don't even know if this word is exist lol), and I think it will be good if I can do it with Linux. Does anyone have any experiences on doing this?
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    When to work as root & When to Work as a System User

    Thank you for sharing this information. Helpful and your choice of word is very simple. I 100% understand this explanation. :D:D:D
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    Linux is Awesome! Newb Perspective

    Thank you! Your post really explain how simple and newbie-friendly is this OS. I personally never use Linux and have zero experience on it, but I really want to try one of them. Now with this explanation, I will directly install one of them on my PC. :):):)