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    SEE NEXT POST BY WIZARD FIRST Thread locked for duplicate - please reply on this one:
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    New here, just wanted to say hello.

    Hey there @f33dm3bits - good to see ya postin!
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    Nmap scripts

    Check on your machine in /usr/share/nmap/scripts
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    Kali Linux Revealed - free ebook

    All one big happy family :)
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    New Feature: Credits

    Hey guys, I've just added a credit system on the site. We'll soon enable uses for the credits like raffles, contests, etc.. If you notice, you can see how many credits you have by looking under your name in any of your posts. How do you earn credits? Post new thread: 10 credits (plus 0.01...
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    Linux on MacBook Pro 2019

    Also, if you're looking to just get your hands dirty in Linux a little, install it in virtualbox or something to start with and go from there.
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    Please help me asap | Kali Gnu Grub Bootloader v2.02

    wow.. 137 replies. Great job @Alexzee helping him out!
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    is it the Odroid XU4?
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    Why did you choose such an old version of ubuntu? What issues are you running into? Can you update to a newer version? I have some odroid C2s and I believe ubuntu 18.04 is available for them..
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    You can now advertise "self-service" on

    If you're looking to reach 350K+ visitors/mo, you can now self-service advertise on More info here: PM me if you have any questions - thanks for taking a look! Rob
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    Simple guy, simple backup needs. Hopefully simple backup problem to fix

    Hey there Chris - welcome to the site! Are you married to google drive? I've backed up to S3 (aws) before with good results - you can mount s3 using fuse, then just rsync the files to it. I haven't looked into google drive sync in a while, but I do pay for a bunch of space, so maybe I should...
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    While installation of kali linux my screen went blurry and paralysed

    What we're saying is: 1. You aren't giving us enough info to help you - when is this happening.. right away, halfway through install, etc.. 2. You haven't tried another similar distro like Ubuntu to see if it's something kali related Always give too much information when requesting assistance...
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    Second monitor detected but displays "no signal" - Output HDMI-0 has no monitor section

    That is strange.. so you're just trying to attach one monitor to your laptop - I thought you had laptop, two monitors and the 2nd external monitor wasn't working correctly. Any issues i've ever had w/ external monitors, it ends up being the cable. Is there another cable you can try, or...
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    I'm getting this following error wlan0

    Did you run /usr/sbin/airmon-ng w/o any arguments to see the available devices the tool sees? I do see that you have wlan0 in your devices, but it's not seeing them. Also, did you sudo up to root or are you logged in as root? If you want root to use its env variables, you would want to 'sudo...
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    While installation of kali linux my screen went blurry and paralysed

    Kali isn't the distribution to jump into as a first Linux try.. first, install Ubuntu on the same hardware and let us know how that works. You don't need Kali for ethical hacking - start by learning things like nc, nmap.. linux basics.. how are you going to pentest Linux systems if you...
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    Error while installation

    Hey there @Sashi - have you tried other distributions on this hardware? How'd they do? Kali has some networking disabled from the get-go.. And i'll come out and say to please take a look at the readme for this forum. Rob
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    While installation of kali linux my screen went blurry and paralysed

    @Takedown you'll need to give a bit of information for us to help.. What are your specs? Is this a laptop/desktop? Is it something that came with windows, macos, etc.. do other Linux distributions work on this hardware? How much experience do you have with basic Linux troubleshooting, etc...
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    create an array of multiple multi-line text for script to use..

    Meh - i think i'll maybe create the files at the top of the script, then display them, let the user choose, once everything is done, clean them up. Still a fun script if someone can figure out how to choose from the arrays, update /etc/hosts a bit cleaner lol :)
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    create an array of multiple multi-line text for script to use..

    Working from the bottom up.. still would need to figure out how the user can select from a list of arrays, but this kind of works to print them out, which splits into two lines, but creates a space before the 2nd line.. I guess i could put them into a tmp file, then use sed or something to...
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    create an array of multiple multi-line text for script to use..

    So, main purpose of this is so a QA guy can run this script to update /etc/hosts on one of the qa-test VMs to ensure they're hitting the correct cluster of hosts.. I grabbed most of this from two stackexchange answers: The /etc/hosts stuff...