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  1. kay-dee

    Computer reboots when plugging it... [Solved]

    Got a bit of annoying problem with my ThinkPad X230. When I plug in the charger, after about three minutes with the lid closed, the computer reboots. I had Zorin/Gnome installed and a change to Mint/Cinnamon didn’t solve the problem. I checked Bios and the Wake on LAN feature is disabled. I...
  2. kay-dee

    Installing Extreme Download Manager [Solved]

    Hey guys, Moving forward, I am looking at installing the Extreme Download Manager but get the message: XDM requires Java Runtime 1.6 (Java SE 6 / Openjdk6 ) or Higher. “java -version” entered into the Terminal tells me that I have jre11.0.5 installed. Shouldn’t that be enough to run XDM? I...
  3. kay-dee

    Installing Packages on a Dual Drive System

    My new, dual drive system on the Clevo (Zorin/Gnome), seems to have been successful and I am very pleased. But being this is all new to me, I wonder about installing Packages. Most of what I need is in the Repository. I figure the computer is smart enough to know where to install something like...
  4. kay-dee

    Ohh, about me?

    Okay, let’s see: Born in England but shipped to Canada before I could acquire the nice accent. Now live in a small cottage on a Florida backwater but you’ll usually find me bobbing about in the Bahamas, though I have single-handed my little boat to Jamaica, Cayman, the Bay Islands of Honduras...
  5. kay-dee

    Setting up a dual drive for the first time. Help!

    Hello everyone, my first post... I’ve been struggling with Linux for over four years. It’s been tough, mostly I think (and hope), because of hardware issues, specifically cheap Lenovo Thinkpads. My e11 could hardly run Windows, leave alone Linux. And my x230 also has problems. On my recent...