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  1. 70 Tango Charlie

    NAS distro recommendations

    Greetings Eugor, I wholeheartedly back up what Hansel Johnson has posted about Timeshift. It is easy to use and you can do any kind of backup you want. I usually run an 'on-demand' Timeshift whenever I download and install new programs or install lots of updates at one time. Just call me Old...
  2. 70 Tango Charlie

    Cannot use LibreOffice Base

    Welcome Hebol, Looking at your screenshot, I see that Base Datenbank is grayed out: it is not black like the other parts of office. I assume that all the other parts work, is that correct? If all this is correct, then Base was not installed when you installed Libre Office. I think that the...
  3. 70 Tango Charlie

    Decision Source Information

    @Martin Young @Vrai @captain-sensible Welcome Martin! I have been using Linux Mint for about 4-5 years. During that time I have used Open Office and then gravitated to Libre Office (now on the latest LO). I started using MS Office in Office 97. I have found that Libre Office is very compatible...
  4. 70 Tango Charlie

    Looking for distrobution built for people that break computers

    @Condobloke @captain-sensible Welcome Otter, to the forum! I think you will soon agree, that very likely whatever your problem is, someone here will be able to help. From what I've read in your comments, this is truly an unusual situation that you have, and I'm sure extremely...
  5. 70 Tango Charlie

    free ebook?

    @DOny Greetings DOny, There is a site that has several thousand free ebooks free for the downloading. You might want to check out this site: I have found many books of interest on this site. Cheers, Old Geezer, Tango Charlie
  6. 70 Tango Charlie

    I am 86 years old and illiterate, need help.

    @Hollow Antlers @captain-sensible @VP9KS Greetings Dan, Welcome to the Linux Forum. Best one I know of!!! You and I are the old fogies around here. I'll turn 86 in a couple months {if I make it that far. LOL} I have Windows 7 on an old machine that my wife plays games on. The machine I'm using...
  7. 70 Tango Charlie

    I am 86 years old and illiterate, need help.

    Cap, I'm using Mate on my everyday machine. OG
  8. 70 Tango Charlie

    Move Home folder back to default location

    @captain-sensible @Tolkem @Shmu26 Greetings Shmu and welcome, After reading this thread I started thinking - wouldn't it be easier just to save whatever you want to save on a flash drive; and then just re-install Kubuntu 20.04? That would automatically put your home folder back in place. Then...
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    @Mario123 @captain-sensible @JasKinasis @Condobloke Greetings Mario, and welcome to the friendliest forum on the internet! I have been using Linux Mint for a few years and have found it the easiest for me to move from Windows 7 to Linux. {I had no programming experience at all}. As per...
  10. 70 Tango Charlie

    WINE users....successful or otherwise ?

    Good morning Condo! {It's morning where I am} I have used WINE on my LM 19.3 as well as previous versions of LM. Granted, I am not a gamer so I can only report on the programs I use; which turns out to be one. That one program works very well. {E-Sword is the name of it.} Off for some...
  11. 70 Tango Charlie

    Removing windows

    @Garth Garth, Here's a Timeshift video that would be very helpful for you. WizardFromOz Timeshift article. Scroll down the page and you will find two video clips from YouTube. The first one is about Timeshift. TC
  12. 70 Tango Charlie

    Removing windows

    By the way - Welcome to the forum Garth! Enjoy your stay! OG TC
  13. 70 Tango Charlie

    Removing windows

    Hello Garth, I thought I heard Cap mention my name, so here I am. I am running Linux Mint 19.3 Mate. Timeshift comes pre-stalled in my system. I'm sure it does with Cinnamon as well. Garth can check to see if it is installed by going to the Menu {Bottom left hand corner of Desktop}. Open 'All...
  14. 70 Tango Charlie

    Newbie looking for Linux books

    Greetings 2gangvc, Welcome to the forum. Here's a website with many books on Linux; from basic instruction to advanced stuff. Guess what? They are all free to download. OG TC
  15. 70 Tango Charlie

    Learning 'C'.

    @captain-sensible @wizardfromoz @Condobloke @LorenDB @f33dm3bits Thanks to all you guys for your help. I have settled on learning old fashioned 'C' for the present time. After looking at 'C++' and some others, it seems like 'C' is easier for me to grasp. Again, thanks for all your input. OG TC...
  16. 70 Tango Charlie

    slackware as utility usb stick

    @captain-sensible Have another beer!!! I have to be 'up for it' as I don't know how much more time I will be given. I try to make the most of it while I can. You know the old saying 'one day at a time'. TC
  17. 70 Tango Charlie

    slackware as utility usb stick

    @captain-sensible Cap, As I mentioned in the other place, I pressed the F-12 key and that brought up this: The General USB Flash Disk is the one with slack on it, so I pressed 'enter'. Then this showed up: I pressed enter again and it loaded up and I now have a desktop of slack. Not a...
  18. 70 Tango Charlie

    Total newbe windows 7- Linux

    Good news Mark, You can do almost everything you want to do without using the terminal. Linux has come a long way since its' beginning. Old Geezer Tango Charlie
  19. 70 Tango Charlie

    Learning 'C'.

    @JasKinasis @captain-sensible Just a little background on what I have been doing. I have a few books on Linux ranging from 'Cathedral and the Bazaar' to 'Introduction to the Command Line' to 'Assembly Language' and a few others. What I have been practicing is 'C'. I guess that's why g++ and...
  20. 70 Tango Charlie

    Learning 'C'.

    I got as far as extracting Ventoy and then to this screen: I extracted it to the Downloads directory, but I see that it's not the right one. I don't know what the right one is. TC