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  1. wizardfromoz

    OK Charlie, What's With The Car Avatar?

    Spill the beans, mate :) Chris
  2. wizardfromoz

    Linux Mint 20 Snap restrictions and How To Install Chromium Browser In a Snap ... Or Not

    Wizard’s Glossary Clem – Clement Lefebvre, Founder, CEO & Project Manager, Linux Mint PPA – Personal Package Archive Many will be aware that Clement Lefebvre’s team at Linux Mint released version 20 10 days or so ago. What you may not be aware of is that with its release, Clem and his team...
  3. wizardfromoz

    WIZARD offline again

    Sorry folks - telephone exchange problems, offline from last Wednesday 10th to next Wednesday 17th June. Carry on regardless :) Wizard
  4. wizardfromoz

    Film and TV Obits - Hollywood and Other

    Vale Rene Auberjonois RENE as Odo in Deep Space 9 I only just learned today that Rene died 8 December just passed. Aged 79, died of cancer. The Guardian have a good obit here Elaine and I were big fans, even...
  5. wizardfromoz

    Wizard Offline - Ho, Ho, Ho

    Internet down maybe for a couple of days, folks. All have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year. I will unstick this when I am back. Cheers Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Zorin OS 15 and Privacy Concerns

    Take the trouble to view the whole video, before you install Zorin This vid is about 5 days old at time of writing, making it around 6 - 7 December 2019. The content may or may not impact on your decision to install Zorin, or else wait until version 15.1 due this month, which is said to...
  7. wizardfromoz

    Confused Aussie - Thanksgiving

    OK I am a little confused between what George Washington proclaimed in 1789 and what Abraham Lincoln observed in 1863 :) If Thursday 28th November is Thanksgiving ... have a good one and a safe one, all my American friends. Cheers Wizard
  8. wizardfromoz

    Home, Home on the Range (of a number of Linux Distros) - Sharing Home

    It is said “A man’s home is his castle” … but can you share your Home in Linux with 3 or 4 other Distros, and with those – even with ones from different families? What advantages are there to be gained from doing so, if any? What disadvantages? BACKGROUND Well Known Member and friend...
  9. wizardfromoz

    Charlie Corder aka 70 Tango Charlie

    Moderator's NOTE - this set up for the Member, so please welcome him, not me :) Wizard My name is Charlie Corder, I guess there is something about old people having to take longer to do things: so, I will now fill you all in on some of my background. I got involved with...
  10. wizardfromoz

    The Wizard "Channel" ... Service Interrupted - Briefly I hope!

    Fire hit my district, within hundreds of metres (yards) of our home, last 36 hours.. Elaine and I are safe Attached are news footage, and we were 2 of the 190 evacuated to the north Winds...
  11. wizardfromoz


    50 years since the landing on the Moon, folks! The boys landed on the 19th, then stepped out on the 20th. Congratulations to all whom were involved. Avagudweegend Wizard
  12. wizardfromoz

    Wizard's Nook ... Beware of the Three-Headed Dog. Tips, Tricks and a bit/byte of News.

    Quite a number of The Viewers will have read in various Threads that I run about 90 Linux. A small number of Members have asked - What are they? With the latest of those having asked me in the last week, I decided I might as well publish what I run, and so if you are thinking of trying a...
  13. wizardfromoz

    Rock Roxx

    I am going to be featuring a large amount of rock, and there is a blurry definition between Pop and Soft Rock, but I am sure we can accommodate all tastes. I'll start this off with David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), joined by Nash and Crosby of Crosby Stills Nash & Young Enjoy Wizard
  14. wizardfromoz

    Welcome to the New (off-topic) Forum

    Congrats to Admin @Rob on the new "speakeasy" part to our community :) I am looking to Post a Thread on Progressive Rock Music soon, but there are many types of Music you may support, so think about it, won't you? Then there are the car enthusiasts ... and I know a bloke with an enthusiasm...
  15. wizardfromoz

    25,000 Members Here

    Congratulations to for passing the 25,000 Members mark today. Wizard
  16. wizardfromoz

    AMD APU Question

    This from @lekkerlinux I have a AMD A10-5800k APU and had a graphics card with 2 GB RAM, which fan started action up by making noises and spinning erratically. I then removed the graphics card and play games with the APU only. Does the APU use RAM, when I play games?
  17. wizardfromoz

    GParted - Partitioning for Linux? READ THIS IF YOU NEED HELP

    This is the first in a series of mini-guides to GParted I am going to produce. The videos are in MP4, and any written guides will be in PDF for your printing needs. The first video, which follows is clearly focused on helping one Member, but the principles contained therein can be used by all...
  18. wizardfromoz

    Posting Screenshots At This Site - READ THIS for easy way

    G'day, Wizard here :) Be careful with your volume control, I am working on it :oops: My first video with Vokoscreen, webcam and miked for sound. Hope this makes things clear Cheers Chris Turner wizardfromoz
  19. wizardfromoz

    Festive Season

    A little John Lennon The year has flown, and I just took a look at my last year's offering here ... and there are SO many names to be added I don't know where to start ... so I won't, but to all our Members, be safe, be happy, be...
  20. wizardfromoz hits 20,000 Members

    Worthy of celebration, I feel. Big Kudos to Rob Kennedy, our Admin, for the marvellous work he puts in here, to give us, IMO the best "city of 20,000 Linux residents" I have encountered. Chris Turner wizardfromoz