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    Dual monitor failure Mint Cinnamon 20

    I have an antique Dell Vostro 1000 running Mint Cinnamon 20. It has a Radeon RS482/RS485 (Radeon Xpress 1100/1150) video chip. The X driver, according to "inxi -G" is "ati,radeon" When I connect a monitor to the VGA port, the primary display flashes and paints random junk, and the secondary...
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    Booting a linux os hard drive in another box?

    I wondered if it was possible to boot a linux os hard drive taken from one box and placed in another box, so I tried it. The grub menu loaded, then the linux os started booting and then stopped in mid stream. I know I could slave the drive, but I wanted to boot it. Is the drive hardware specific...