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  1. LorenDB

    Security virus protection

    That's what TAILS was created for.
  2. LorenDB

    Useless icons on screen following installation

    No, what I'm saying is one of these may be your problem dock and that you may want to check if one is installed.
  3. LorenDB

    Useless icons on screen following installation has some docks listed that could be installed.
  4. LorenDB

    Useless icons on screen following installation

    There is an unrelated library called Cairo IIRC.
  5. LorenDB

    Useless icons on screen following installation

    Try running sudo apt info cairo-dock and see if the program is installed. I know that there are other dock programs available, but I can't think of any right now.
  6. LorenDB


    What version of Linux did you install? (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, Manjaro) We can't help you until we know a bit more about your system. Also, what desktop environment are you using? (e.g. Plasma, GNOME, Cinnamon)
  7. LorenDB

    Could Linux run malware without needing to start the operating system?

    If I understand your question correctly, I don't think so. If you format the hard drive, you'll essentially be deleting any viruses on your hard drive. With that being said, a virus could potentially be lurking on the EFI system partition if you have a UEFI computer. If that is the case, you may...
  8. LorenDB

    The Linux software that users should know about

    I've reviewed Howdy here, in case anybody is interested in it. I may do more reviews in the future.
  9. LorenDB

    Software review: Howdy

    I found Howdy a few weeks ago while browsing GitHub (that's what programmers do instead of Twitter). It is supposed to be a Linux alternative to Windows Hello. I installed it on my laptop yesterday in order to try it out. My impressions so far: Easy to use if you are familiar with the terminal...
  10. LorenDB

    The Linux software that users should know about

    Starviewer: Alternative to the Aliza MS software earlier mentioned. OpenOrienteering: Has a suite of orienteering software that runs on Linux. I'm going to update the main list again, since it's been a while.
  11. LorenDB

    WINE users....successful or otherwise ?

    Yumi is great. Therefore, I like to use it. ;) Lenovo doesn't seem to enjoy putting their Ideapad firmware on the LFVS, otherwise I'd use fwupd.
  12. LorenDB

    How to customize Lubuntu Linux?

    No... that's a screenshot from a video somebody else made to explain something, if I am correct.
  13. LorenDB

    WINE users....successful or otherwise ?

    If possible, I'd change my vote from "flawless" to this. Things like UEFI updates and LiveUSB creators (e.g. YUMI) just don't work properly on Wine.
  14. LorenDB

    Linux for smartphones (/e/ or another)

    Depending on which phone you have, postmarketOS may be a good solution for you. Keep in mind, though, that on most devices pmOS isn't ready for daily driver status. If you want to buy a Linux phone, check out Purism's Librem 5 or Pine64's PinePhone.
  15. LorenDB

    WINE users....successful or otherwise ?

    Wine works great for the few programs that I run on it occasionally. 7-zip is a great program for archives and supports more formats than Ark, so I use it sometimes. Thanks for that info. I did a cursory install and run of e-Sword for my teacher (who is contemplating Linux to speed up his...
  16. LorenDB

    The Linux software that users should know about

    Tunic: Install Linux on your PC... from Windows! Aptly: An apt managment tool for the terminal. Gifcurry: Opensource GIF/video editor for Linux, macOS, and likely Windows. Seamly2D: "Make patterns that need *absolutely no fitting at all*"
  17. LorenDB

    Stuck in a rut with ClamTK

    @ToadmanX4 Use VSCodium if you don't want Microsoft's telemetry.
  18. LorenDB

    Accessing phone data without interfacing with screen

    Good point. My dad actually had a similar experience (except he dropped the phone and broke the LCD, which ruined the touchscreen). He ended up using a screen from another phone to recover his data.
  19. LorenDB

    Multiple Desktops

    In MB? That's over 2 GB... I'd personally call that a little big... ;)
  20. LorenDB

    Questions about hdd and ssd for linux

    Ubuntu's installer (I don't know about Manjaro ATM, somebody else will need to explore this for me as I'm too lazy to check it out myself) lets you create partitions for root, /boot, /home, /tmp, /usr, /var, /srv, /opt, and /usr/local. It's also relatively easy to make any of these partition...