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    Lubuntu 20.04 Have any tool or setting to configure an time to system flush data to disk ?

    I am an new Linux user. In windows i had used primocache where configure to be an write cache buffer for system partition using 256 MB for buffer and only writing data to disk when the buffer is full or when shutdown the computer. Is very good feature because avoid repeated write on disk. With...
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    Lubuntu 20.04 how save overclock settings in nvidia x server settings ?

    I have enabled nvidia x server overclock settings using coolbits. Is an few strange that using coolbits using an option value not is possbile enable both fan and overclock settings at same time. When selecting coolbits to enable overclock settings allways that starting the system the previous...
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    Lubuntu 20.04 How install CDEMU ?

    Hello. I have installed cdemu ppa using sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cdemu/ppa and apt-get update. Trying sudo apt-get install cdemu or sudo apt-get install gcdemu cdemu-client both not work displaying message not being possible find package with both names. How install CDEMU in Lubuntu ? Have...
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    Linux have an good image mounter with support to DAA compressed and ISZ ?

    In Linux have an good image mounter with support to DAA ( PowerISO ), DAA compressed ( PowerISO ), ISZ (UltraISO) and MDS ? If not what is the image file type with more high compression ration in Linx ? Have an image format in LInux with compression ratio more high than DAA and ISZ ? Thanks for...
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    How install BizHawk ?

    I use Lubuntu 20.04 X64. How to install BizHawk ? In say need : - Mono complete - Mono VB.NET - glibc - OpenAL - NVIDIA's cgc utility - distro's LSB implementation I have installed Mono complete and the distro LSB implementation What is the exact name of...
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    Lubuntu 20.04 what is the meaning for settings in FSTAB ?

    Lubuntu 20.04 installed in BTRFS partition. In FSTAB file has the lines defaults,noatime,space_cache,autodefrag 0 2 What is the action that each setting above is doing in system ? Thanks for reply.
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    How exactly enable BTRFS full compression in all folders in disk ?

    Hello. I has tried several options to enable automatic BTRFS compression in an Lubuntu 20.04 64 bits, but when using file manager selecting properties for each folder not is displayed an value that show that is being compressed files in each folder. My FSTAB file is the values below # <file...
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    System partition using BTRFS limit free space because use reserved space ?

    Installed Lubuntu 20.04 in an BTRFS 12 GB. Few software installed. One strange detail is that installing software that use less of 200 MB the free space is extremely less than the software installation size really is using. One time the system not had started freezing in login screen not being...
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    Have an good RAM disk utility for Lubuntu ?

    Hello thanks for read my post. In Linux for Lubuntu 20.04 64 have an good ramdisk utility ? In window I had used primo ramdisk cache being very good. Have an ramdisk utility that allow create an ramdisk for Linux Temp folder being from 1 to 4 GB size that only use memory RAM if really is being...
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    Have an good utility with disk write cache ?

    Hello. Have any utility that allow disk write cache ? I windows has Primocache that is very good. Have an disk write cache utility being possible to create 2 caches in RAM being : - 1 for system partition 256 MB for write being defer write only if the cache is full or power off machine. - 2 for...
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    Lubuntu 20.04 how install nvidia proprietary metapackage driver in an offline system ?

    Hello thanks for read my post. Here is Lubuntu 20.04 64. I have an computer not being possible to access internet to use additional drivers and select nvidia proprietary metapackage latest version. I has used an machine with Lubuntu 20.04 64 and had selected to use additional driver and nvidia...