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    Suse can kill HD

    So had Peppermint running just fine on a year old HP laptop. Switched out the 500 Gb drive with a 128 Gb SSD. Peppermint installed and has been on for 3 months. Not a laptop I use all the time. Tried OpenSuse the other day. Opps. Installed from USB, install went just fine, until reboot. Drive...
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    New old guy.

    Been playing with PC's since 1990, with a first IBM running at a whopping 12 MHz. 640 ram, dual disk drives no hard drive. Building them since 1994. Using Linux off/on since 1998. All my laptops, have 4 now, run Linux distros. Mint on 2 HP's Peppermint on a dell and Alienware older laptops. And...
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    Dell Inspirion 11 3000

    Picked up a Dell Inspirion 11 3000 for $100.00. Windows 10 would get me to the Sign in screen then restart. Took 5+ times almost everytime. It also has a tablet mode, touch screen... The touch worked well. Wiped and installed Peppermint Linux. Said to myself, don't really need the touch, all...