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    Debian forgoten password

    I downloaded Debian on my PC. I was doing this the first time I didnt know what I was doing. Upon Deian installing procces it asked me to put in password. I typed the password but then I forgot. When I turn my PC on, it says that I need to type in the password to even start Debian. But since I...
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    Debian or Linux mint

    I am deceiding betwen Debian and Linux Mint. I don't have any programing knowledge, which one do you recomend. I will be using Linux as a student.
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    I would lie to download Debian on my PC but I am worried because I dont know anything about computers or programing I am not sure if I will be able to use Debian properly? I will be using my computer for school. Is Debian for people who know a lot about computers and programing or is it for...