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    i cant change permissions of an app

    When i attempt to change permissions such as execute to true it simply reverts back, when i attempt from the console this also happens. i am using linux mint and am crippled with live sessions only (dont really have an account, and holding everything for the os on 15 gig drive and have a 32 as a...
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    i am bad at this, help

    ive unindtalled windows, i want to install linux on THE PRIMARY DRIVE which seems impossible (see Image) i took the advice from the previous thread and it does help, i didn't have any space (2gigs) and i wasn't sure, because when i tried install linux it didn't work after restart, couldn't go...
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    i need help

    I am new to mint i used a torrent download of mint then a burn to a usb drive. I've tried to install several times and it wouldn't boot in on restart at the request of the istall program. i am trying to make my primary computer my linux system, i have attempted installing and erased the drive...