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  1. Leonardo_B

    What browser do you use

    what browser do you use. I been useing Seamonkey. works well .works on all hardware.
  2. Leonardo_B

    Fedora 33 boot not working

    I install it to external hard disk . when I try to run it from external hard disk it does a boot loop. windows work well off the internal hard drive but fedora 33 does not work off external.
  3. Leonardo_B

    Install on external drive.

    I trying to make sure i am doing this correctly. I trying to put it on wd 2t extral hard drive. I still want keep windows it on another hardirve. Can just disable it in bios. if so how in hp bioin it sodisajusi cam o it on
  4. Leonardo_B

    centos life span

    how often does centos get updated and upgraded ? Thinking to run it daily on my main pc
  5. Leonardo_B

    usb use as ram

    what usb flash drive should i use as ram ?
  6. Leonardo_B

    can i use linux ?

    can i you linux ? I might use Ubuntu when i get biger m.2 storage . I thinking geting graphic card too
  7. Leonardo_B

    that feeling all over again

    I just bought a new computer its a hp Intel Pentium Gold upgrade able to i7 and it has 16x slot with two m.2 slots. I now greeted with windows 10. Bring the feeling of why i left windows back a fews moths ago. I had fedora 32 on my old hp for over 4 months till the computer broke down on me...
  8. Leonardo_B

    what to buy

    money is no problem . any good pre builts out their ? i only play games ,facebook , webcam, watch youtube, email
  9. Leonardo_B

    cheap tv antenna

    I currently have onn. Ultra-Thin Indoor Antenna . It doing ok, it currently gets me 86 channels. it keep falling from window edge. Its their a way to mount it outside where it will not fall down and get best single ? Or is their any cheap antennas that i can buy that will doing any...
  10. Leonardo_B

    xorg-x11-xdm does not want to log into mate

    I already switch from lightdm to xdm by doing the following dnf install xorg-x11-xdm systemctl disable lightdm systemctl enable xdm systemctl set-default reboot The login screen showes but it does not want to log into mate how do i fix it .
  11. Leonardo_B

    fix for and and i need a manually fix they are install but dont show . cant not run runescape with out it. this is fedora 32
  12. Leonardo_B


    how to install dxvk on fedora 32 ? i am setting up fedora for games. I already got wine version 5 stable installed .
  13. Leonardo_B

    how do i delete a repository

    fedora 32 i want to remove repo
  14. Leonardo_B

    how to make the terminal permanently

    how do i make the terminal permanently in this location and start on start up ? this is fedora 32
  15. Leonardo_B

    centos problems.

    i like using xfc desktop on centos. They being said the gnome software does not work correctly. so I need to delete the gnome software and delete the gnome desktop. Also find a better to install programs how do i do so ?
  16. Leonardo_B


    Here ny review of ubuntudde I trying all desktop find the one i like . I installed it by sudo add-apt-repository ppa:leaeasy/dde. sudo apt-get update apt-get install dde It is nice but in a nut shells it gnome 3 modified. Their a opition to unstall the program on the application page ...
  17. Leonardo_B

    wine duplicates

    How do i remove wine duplicates i currently have two old school runescape
  18. Leonardo_B

    custom gnome 3 desktop

    i am trying to delete the top bar all together and move the date , internet icon ,sound and power buttton to the show application page. I alos trying to put trash can on buttom on dash i working with centos 8 and gnome 3 desktop.
  19. Leonardo_B

    centos 08 i want to install lxqt desktop environment

    i need to know how to install lxqt desktop environment and remove all other environment for centos 8
  20. Leonardo_B

    Need Onboard keyboard on log in screen.

    i got the program Onboard which gave me a keyboard on screen for Lubuntu. I got it by doing this following command line . sudo -s apt-get install onboard. I now need it to have it on log in screen, Plz Help