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  1. xXNORDXx

    Ohh, about me?

    Welcome aboard! I am a mechanic as well props to you for the carb life! Seems like you live a very interesting life I'm new to Linux but so far its served me well. i wish i was living the "dumpy seafood joints that dot the coastline of Florida. Cracked conch, oysters, fish & chips, fried shrimp...
  2. xXNORDXx

    Raspberry pi loses hdmi0 output when audio cable is plugged in

    update after i downloaded some drivers you have to set up in hdmi in audio controls still having issues with blue tooth and netflix.
  3. xXNORDXx

    Raspberry pi loses hdmi0 output when audio cable is plugged in

    I have the Pi 4 4gb and I am having difficulty with the Hdmi out as well. I think my junk Tv my be the issue though i'm going to try a different tv i think.
  4. xXNORDXx

    New to the Linux

    I don't have her anymore had to sell it. but been looking at BRZ latley .... I hear they are much like the 240sx . As far as getting into the road course stuff anyways. thanks though I do miss the old gal.
  5. xXNORDXx

    New to the Linux

  6. xXNORDXx

    New to the Linux

    I have never had any computer training in my life just read a lot on the web. you can learn so much more today then when we all grew up . if i have a question about anything google is my buddy lol! On the Linux side of things it is fun to learn, But if ya don't read everything just as the fine...
  7. xXNORDXx

    New to the Linux

    I missed you guys as well! my wife is the X-Mas person i'm more of a see ya next summer kinda guy lol! Cold + Tobey=hermit
  8. xXNORDXx

    Recommendations needed In this link you can find out how it all works you can also download all Linux distros.
  9. xXNORDXx

    Recommendations needed

    You can run Linux on just about any PC ever made as far as I know. But if you are new to Linux I would keep windows around as a familiar. Run A dual boot system get the best of both I was messing with the idea of throwing Mac on my PC just for fun. Welcome to the world of Linux!
  10. xXNORDXx

    New to the Linux

  11. xXNORDXx

    New to the Linux

    Ok so been a little busy with life got my family thing sorted out just bought a house life is great. Got a TB SSD for my laptop now running Ubuntu/Win10 as I had to admit defeat with Linux with battling windows only programs uhg yeah not happy about it but well that's life. And my wife only...
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    another question does an app or anything pop up to click on to engage this or is it all in command?
  13. xXNORDXx


    I followed the directions and got it initialized then I went to and the screen said connection error after i typed all this in and user name password it would not let me on the web. [email protected]:/etc/openvpn/ovpn_udp$ sudo openvpn
  14. xXNORDXx

    how to ip cam your cpu with your phone?

    The deal is it has gotten stupid hot in the USA and my dog has a dog run in the garage. It's huge takes up a whole car space in a two car garage. I have the garage cracked about 2 inches for letting the trapped heat out with two box fans pointed to the garage door to push out the hot air and one...
  15. xXNORDXx

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    still trying to figure out Conky manager....
  16. xXNORDXx

    Just for fun - Linux Jokes and Memes

    Haven't been on in a while hope all is well!
  17. xXNORDXx

    Figured I probably aught to do this

    I'm a former Toyota,Nissan,Mitsubishi,Honda,Mazda,and windows junkie. I'm going to meetings for it.
  18. xXNORDXx

    Have a great Saint Patricks Day!!!!!!!!

  19. xXNORDXx

    I have a program that only wants to run in windows....

    ok so my Linux setup will not allow me to resize partition with Gparted is there another way?
  20. xXNORDXx

    I have a program that only wants to run in windows....

    got virtual box to load windows but no wifi source