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  1. xXNORDXx

    how to ip cam your cpu with your phone?

    The deal is it has gotten stupid hot in the USA and my dog has a dog run in the garage. It's huge takes up a whole car space in a two car garage. I have the garage cracked about 2 inches for letting the trapped heat out with two box fans pointed to the garage door to push out the hot air and one...
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    Have a great Saint Patricks Day!!!!!!!!

  3. xXNORDXx

    I have a program that only wants to run in windows....

    DOS/Windows executable (application/x-ms-dos-executable) It's a Snapon tools software for my Snapon OBD 2 scan tool. I'm not sure where to begin as i don't have Windows dual boot anymore.
  4. xXNORDXx

    MOzilla and GoOgle chrome issues

    Running Linux Mint, and every time I minimize a window I can't seem to find the window I minimized. And when I click on the browser Icon it starts a new page? Also they don't show up in the window desktop display button by the menu. What gives?
  5. xXNORDXx


    Ok so I start spotify I have the Icon in my tool bar but, when I try to pull it up after minimizing the window it just stays in play on the tool bar Icon and its starts the app over but the music keeps playing ? also most of the time if I minimize one or two windows they are hard...
  6. xXNORDXx

    VPN protection

    I was wondering what everyone uses for I.P. address protection when at home or on the go mine is NORDVPN. Ironic it has my user name in it lol! but works damn good, I can be in Japan for all anyone knows. If you don't have this bad boy or something similar I would suggest it. I'm living in a...
  7. xXNORDXx

    New to the Linux

    New to Linux OS always knew about it but never really started to look into it till now. Running a dual boot Windows 10/Linux Mint 19.1 with ASUS K53E 237 gb with 8 gb of ram. I'm a fan of both systems and Also Android and Chrome OS. Meh.. on apple products good systems just not my bag. I'm not a...