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  1. Alexzee

    error /dev/disk/by-label/device did not show up after 30 seconds SOLVED

    I did a fresh install of Hefftor Linux KDE Plasma on a 64-bit Toshibia Satelite L755. After the install I have Grub but when Hefftor Linux tries to boot I get this error: error /dev/disk/by-label/device did not show up after 30 seconds falling back to interactive prompt you can try to fix the...
  2. Alexzee

    Hefftor Linux A New Distro Based on Arch Fresh Install

    I just installed this new distro: "Hefftor Linux" XFCE 64-bit. It's available in Gnome and other DE's too. Anyway it runs really nice and looks great on my gaming rig. Here's a few screenshots: So far my wife likes it and so do I. So far so good and it's easy...
  3. Alexzee

    Getting A New Internet Service Provider

    I currently have internet service with Xfinity. The rep that signed me up for a 1 year contract advised me to come into the store before the contract ends so I could negotiate another deal before the 1 year contract ends. I've learned that after 1 year they jack up the price much higher for...
  4. Alexzee

    How To Control the Kernel in Manjaro [SOLVED]

    By default Manjaro uses the cutting edge kernel that is installed and running at the top of the list. I don't want to use kernel 5.8, instead I have installed kernel 5.4.67-1 which is the LTS kernel. To change that I booted into the Advanced options for Manjaro and choose kernel 5.4.67 and than...
  5. Alexzee

    Manjaro 20 Boots To A Black Screen After Update {Solved}

    Manjaro 20 Gnome has been running great for a month on my AMD 64-bit desktop until an update 2 days ago. Now it boots to a black screen. I found a temporary solution and have to hold down Ctrl + Alt + F2 to get to a tty2. Than I log in and type startx. That brings up the gui. Before the...
  6. Alexzee

    Repository Issue with LMDE 4

    Once again I'm trying to install Xiphos because the version that Synaptic and the Software Manager has and installs is not the most current version and the drop down menus for the books don't scroll. The terminal shows that adding ppa is not supported- :~$ sudo add-apt-repository...
  7. Alexzee

    How To Set Up a Wireless HP Printer in Manjaro 20 Gnome

    If you have a Wireless HP Printer and the HP Device Manager doesn't detect your printer here's what worked for me. Go to the CUPS website: http://localhost:631 And add your printer that way. However you will need to know the URI of your printer in order to set it up at the CUPS website. You...
  8. Alexzee

    Manjaro 20 Gnome Need Help Installing Xiphos-4.2.1.tar.gz [Solved]

    I'm trying to install Xiphos on my fresh installation of Manjaro 20. Following the instructions for Linux on the main page gives me a make error that I don't understand. -systemproductname ~]$ cd /home/cora/Downloads/xiphos-4.2.1/ [-systemproductname xiphos-4.2.1]$...
  9. Alexzee

    Information About Snap Packages

    I found this article and found it informal at the very least about snap packages. Mint founder Clement Lefebvre made it very clear that the Ubuntu spin-off does not approve of the new package format and wouldn’t include it on base installs. Further, he announced that Mint 20 would actively...
  10. Alexzee

    Manjaro 20 Gnome Update Manager Stuck or Broken [SOLVED]

    Hi: I did a fresh installation of Manjaro 20 Gnome on my desktop about 3 and 1/2 hours ago. After the first boot I started up the update manager (783 pkg's) and after waiting an hour I cancelled the update. The update is 1.4 Gig's. Than after canceling the update I rebooted and started the...
  11. Alexzee

    Linux Lite and Linuxfx {Windowsfx 10.05} Dual Boot Partition/Boot Issue {SOLVED}

    Yesterday I installed Linux Lite in a dual boot with Linuxfx {Windowsfx} Windowsfx was already installed. I manually partitioned so I had to shrink Linuxfx's partition to about 1/2 of it's size to make room for the Linux Lite installation. After partitioning the partition manager told me I had...
  12. Alexzee

    Linuxfx How To Change The Clock

    I've been trying for a long time to change the clock to regular time. It's stuck on military time. In the Date & Time window I can manually change it but it doesn't stay/work. Any ideas? With "Manually set date and time" with the correct time highlighted doesn't take effect in the system tray.
  13. Alexzee

    Fresh Installation of Linuxfx Ubuntu Based (SOLVED}

    Just installed the new Linufx {Windowsfx} based on Ubuntu 20 Focal Fossa. It runs great however; I was wondering does anyone know, if I install the Chromium browser will it automatically get updated along with the system updates?
  14. Alexzee

    Linux Mint 19.1 Stuck At Log In [SOLVED]

    My best mate and I tried out Linuxfx 10.5 (Windows 10) without installing it on his Toshibia laptop. After rebooting the laptop and booting into Linux Mint 19.1 my friend put's in his password at log in the screen goes black and takes him back to log in again. If he tries to log in again it...
  15. Alexzee

    Linux Mint 19.1 Hangs at Boot Screen [SOLVED]

    I installed Linux Mint 19.1 several years ago for a friend on his custom build 64-bit desktop. He now has the new Grub menu after an upgrade of Grub. Linux Mint is hanging at the boot screen. By boot screen I mean the all black screen with the LM Logo and the small handful of dots under the...
  16. Alexzee

    Linux users, beware: TrickBot malware

    A friend of mine running Linux Mint found this article and sent it to me. It's good to be aware of such things.
  17. Alexzee

    Christmas China

    Hi: Everyone, I have 2 boxes full of Christmas China that I really have no need for an 8 piece set. Each piece of china is trimmed with green holly, red berries and gold. It was designed by a company called "Gibson" in 1995-1997. I paid about $200.00 for the whole set.....and am looking to...
  18. Alexzee

    House Hunting Information SOLVED

    I'm looking for a home and trying to figure out if the land around this house I found is ok. The tax records say that it is in a no flood zone but I want to be sure. Does anyone think the land around this home is questionable?
  19. Alexzee

    How To Install A Yellow or Red Circle Around the Mouse Pointer

    Hi: I've been looking for days how to install a yellow or red circle for my mouse pointer and I'm not finding anything for the Mate desktop. I also looked for mouse themes and couldn't find what I was looking for. Checked in Synaptic for cursor themes and nothing there either. I'm looking for...
  20. Alexzee

    Linux Mint 19.3 XFCE Shuts Down Suddenly SOLVED

    I've got Linux Mint 19.3 XFCE running on this custome built 64-bit desktop and all was running fine. All of the sudden the desktop shutdown while I was online reading a news article. Anyone have any ideas what may have cause the not so graceful shut down? Here's the end of the dmesg log...