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    GNOME base applications uninstall

    You can find all names of your installed applications via pacman - Qq. Then just remove the one you don't want with sudo pacman -R
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    makepkg problem

    Post this into aur entry of yay
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    Dell XPS 12- suggested distro for OOTB compatibility?

    Manjaro, thus may work due to a newer kernel. Does the trackpad work in win 10?
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    Thank you, I also hope you are save in those times.

    Thank you, I also hope you are save in those times.
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    Thanks a lot, First I have to get my drivers license, but yes, then I'm allowed to drive here...

    Thanks a lot, First I have to get my drivers license, but yes, then I'm allowed to drive here with an adult.
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    i want to overclock an intel celeron in my linux kali 64 bit

    You can not overclock Intel Celerons, the only Intel CPUs which are overclockable are the Intel core CPUs with an k at the end of their names.
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    Getting started with Linux Arch

    Xfce4 with lightdm as display manager and lightdm-gtk-greeter as greeter. My theme is matha. It looks pretty nice.
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    Getting started with Linux Arch

    I use buildaur as my aur helper.
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    Top of the line Raspberry Pi now comes with 8GB of ram!!!

    This discribes the difference between a pi 3b+ and an 8gb pi 4. The difference between the new pi4 and the 'older' pi 4s is just the amount of ram.
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    MX250 crashing

    Arch like I mentioned in my first post. I read the arch wiki article.
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    What Internet Browser(s) are you using

    Firefox, Firefox devel Edition with Tor proxy, brave, chromium
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    MX250 crashing

    Thanks for both of your replys. It looks like, I have to go nad buy some thermal paste. But due to corona I may not go to the city very soon.
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    MX250 crashing

    I don't think so, because this also happens when booting from an external drive with Ubuntu. And the problem are the thermals I checked the and they where an around 90 so °C.
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    MX250 crashing

    Hey guys, after some time I got my nvidia MX250 in my laptop up running with optirun. And it works fine. Accept that after some time for example playing minecraft my laptop just crashes. I tried a bit around and found, that the thermals are a bit high using the gpu. So I opened up my laptop and...
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    Are you using linux? If yes, why?

    I needed an alternative to windows XP and then fell in love with Linux.
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    Dual boot Windows 10 & Manjaro 20

    No, there shouldn't be usues.
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    Get quick answers to common linux related questions, right inside your terminal by typing "howdoi <your question>"

    I looked at your code and it needs internet to work, right?
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    Dual boot Windows 10 & Manjaro 20

    It depends on your model some laptops just have a little door at their bottom side which you can open and take out your drive. But others need to be opened completely to swap your drive. If you have a laptop with a DVD drive you can buy a hard drive carrier with fits into your dvd drive bay.
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    Linux Mint Cinnamon for Non PAE Laptop?

    Hallo Blaubär This may help you,3284327,2
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    Help with Windows USB wifi adapter