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    find -newermt timezone (?) problem

    Hello! We got a new task at the University. I thought I managed to solve it, but I bumped into a timezone problem (probably). The task was to get the exact time, then adding a new user, then finding all the files that has changes since asking for the exact time in Linux. I used date...
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    Understanding a Linux command

    Hello! We got a new optional task at the University. Could somebody please explain what does it do exactly? I know that the first line is a shebang. I used the "man df" to figure out the rest has something to do with disks, but couln't figure out it as a whole. Honestly, I don't even know...
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    Analyzing a Linux command

    Hello! I'm a beginner Linux user. The University I study at makes it a compulsory course for us. We got some questions, but I can't answer them. Any help is much appreciated! There is this line (command): sudo find / -type f -exec file ’{}’ \; | grep ’Shell script’ | wc -l The questions are...