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    System language

    How can I switch between the two system languages without restarting the device?
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    Arrange taskbar icons

    Order without spaces
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    Keyboard language

    How to show the keyboard language icon in the ribbon?
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    Install Google Chrome

    I downloaded the Google Chrome update but don't know how to install it?
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    The problem of installing the smell of burning with the flash

    I do not have a flash to install the system, what are my options I noticed when installing the flash drive a burning smell appears and the flash drive is very hot
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    A problem with the system

    When I turn on the device this problem appears, and I don't know what to do
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    Mouse clicking problem

    When trying to open a file by clicking on the left side of the mouse, it does not do this task, as it is necessary to open the menu by clicking on the right side, then log in. What is the solution
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    libre office

    How to divide a cell in a libre office ?
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    libre office

    How to incorporate interactive maps and forms in Libre Office
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    Desktop icons

    The computer icon does not appear
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    I want to change the Linux Mint system icons so that they are closer to the Windows user experience
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    Switch the language with the keyboard

    I have a problem choosing the right keyboard on my laptop. I have difficulty converting from Arabic to English. I want it like the usual Windows on it
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    libre office

    How can I fit within a cell in ods libro office Linux mint system ?
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    Message from Saudi Arabia I am a Marxist socialist communist to the great Linux heroes

    لولاكم لما بقينا نحن الفقراء. نحن نستخدم الإنترنت. انتقلت من النظام الرأسمالي مايكروسوفت. شكرا من القلب
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    The problem of deleting the Wi-Fi icon

    I deleted the icon of the Wi-Fi network, the system type is Linux Mint. There is a connection, but I cannot select the networks. A problem that caused me to have a serious business disruption.
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    Slow in performance

    What is the best system in Linux that can fit to the specifications of my device The perfect performance gives me just a surf and I'm very slow In the performance of opening files and responding