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  1. poorguy

    Ubuntu Devs Detail Plan for 32-bit Support in Ubuntu 19.10

    Canonical is a corporation. Microsoft is a corporation. Canonical and Microsoft are partners. What's not to understand. I personally have no problem with the decision and I'm surprised that 32 bit anything has survived this long. It's about the amount of money it cost to keep the support for...
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    Rock Roxx

    Something different.
  3. poorguy

    Rock Roxx

  4. poorguy

    Rock Roxx

  5. poorguy

    How many times?

    Antix Linux is a good distro for old hardware and runs on almost every computer however it comes with a learning curve so be prepared to get your hands dirty. Here's another Linux Distro that's an excellent choice imo.
  6. poorguy

    I am not able to run any of the linux on lenovo-ideapad 330

    Perhaps these may help.
  7. poorguy

    How many times?

    This is quite normal imo. If one never searches than one never finds and one never knows imo. If you like the Debian based / built Linux Distros than have a look at these.
  8. poorguy

    Ubuntu Devs Detail Plan for 32-bit Support in Ubuntu 19.10
  9. poorguy

    Can not install any Linux Distro

    Have a read and read as many times as needed. It is written for Linux Mint however will work for most Linux Distros. It is pertinent to post system make and model as asked for by arochester in post #2 this way...
  10. poorguy

    Clean up of /boot

    Perhaps these will help.
  11. poorguy

    Newb Perspective - Linux Distro Hopping

    Can't say that I have a favorite Linux Distro although I prefer the Debian based / built Linux Distros as Debian although doesn't have the latest software in its repositories it's bug free and stable in my experience. The mainstream Linux Distros most users use are Debian and Ubuntu based /...
  12. poorguy

    Newb Perspective - Linux Distro Hopping

    I've used quite a few different Linux Distros and they all work well on my old desktops. From the system resource hungry mainstream flagships to the small footprint lightweight Linux Distros. The only differences I found were resource usage and user interface and one Linux Distro wasn't any...
  13. poorguy

    Getting a new computer and a new OS. Help?

    Only if you choose a Linux Distro which supports ARM Proccessors. I believe there are some Linux Distros which do although uncertain which will support ARM Processors. Can't compare a laptop computer to a cell phone as the platform is different and much more can be...
  14. poorguy

    The Debian Administrator's Handbook

    A wealth of information between them covers.:cool:
  15. poorguy

    Connecting to the Internet

    Nope when I power on my computer it doesn't automatically connect to the internet. I have to open my browser to connect to my internet. I can go into my network settings and disable my wired Ethernet connection if I choose to but why bother because I'll have to turn it back on every time I...
  16. poorguy

    Connecting to the Internet

    These may help.
  17. poorguy

    Chapter What's new in Debian 10

    A good read.
  18. poorguy

    Connecting to the Internet

    OK 95Mbps tells that you are able to connect. [Nik-Ken-Bah quote] "I observe the internet icon and have opened up both utilities and set-up the DSL/PPPoE to connect to my ISP." This I think is the problem. I don't think you need to setup anything. You created bootable Linux Mint media DVD /...
  19. poorguy

    Maybe linux isn't for me.

    @ughhhyme / @shaolincasey Welcome to . It's a good place to hangout and learn and help out and just plain BS around imo.:)
  20. poorguy

    Maybe linux isn't for me.

    Open the menu for Firefox and goto add ons and download Ublock Origin it seems to work well although Youtube does have a lot of advertising crapola. I use DuckDuckGo and have their privacy essentials installed also. I also use firejail sandbox and the default settings are good enough...