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    Ubuntu VPS: Wordpress Multisite Virtualhost

    Whats is the software which you are using for this setup? The provided config file is not for Apache.
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    On the server, how to install the virtual machine?

    You can use OpenVZ. They have packages for all the biggest distros. The setup is fast. On their website, they have templates with different Linux distros.
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    VPN protection

    I personally don't believe of VPN service providers. How to be sure that the VPN provider doesn't monitoring your internet traffic? I think that all VPN providers steal personal information from their clients "which protect". What they do with the information is a different topic. As you...
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    How can i get access to my free VPS on euserv (IPv6)

    You can use SixXS to receive free public ipv6 address on your local computer.
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    Which Linux do you use?