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    Quasar POS - By Linux Canada

    Ask Linux Canada?
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    Need to start from scratch Scroll down to "Step by Step Installation Guide"
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    How can we measure the popularity of linux? ? ?
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    Can not install any Linux Distro

    Debian types. If you can open Terminal
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    AntiVirus for Oracle Linux 7.6 ?
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    AntiVirus for Oracle Linux 7.6

    Free? Commercial? Open Source?
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    Can not install any Linux Distro

    1) Your picture shows an LG monitor. Why does it not show the screen of your notebook? 2) If you are purposefully showing on an external monitor could it have something to do with the monitor resolution i.e. is it cutting off the bottom? Are there and scroll bars on the side so it can move down...
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    Discover Host on local switch with unkown net

    Why? If you legitimately have access to a router you would surely know its details?
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    Can not install any Linux Distro

    What is the make and model of your notebook? How much RAM have you got?
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    Clean up of /boot

    It is usual practice to keep 2 kernels. The present one and an older one, in case you need to boot into the older kernel.
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    Go here Click on the Post Thread button. Tell...

    Go here Click on the Post Thread button. Tell us what your problem is and we might be able to help you.
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    Mysterious Non-existent Network Adapter

    Have you got a USB Ethernet adaptor? Source -
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    Interprocess Communication - methods to find Latency & Throughput

    Then explain why you are trying to do this. Homework? Assignment? Paid job? (It looks like it is on the edge of research.)
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    checking USB drive

    The most versatile is probably Knoppix. You could look through th list to see their various abilities.
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    finding a drectory in file system Also, have you tried Catfish File Search?
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    Converting problems

    You are asking some very large and very complex questions. This is probably not the best place to seek answers. Have you tried the Mono Community? Look here Scroll down to "Get Help".
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    Problemas con amule

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    linux apache
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    thin client

    A Thin Client is a very lightweight computer, normally attached to a Server so it will need a very lightweight distro. Does your Thin Client have a make and model? How much RAM has it got? Something like Peppermint?
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    Command to identify rpmdb open failed message

    Doesn't it just tell you when you update?