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    Script error?

    Can anyone tell me why simple file report script as below, works if I type out full path name, or even using '.' for current directory but will not allow use of '~' for home directory? See screenshot of script running below, also: Any help understanding this would be greatly appreciated...
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    Music player advice

    New to linux and recently installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Having a few issues with default Rhythmbox music player. Want to rip all my CD's: 1st - for some reason I don't seem to be able to rip in mp3 format. They seem to rip in Ogg Vorbis ok. Never heard of that format so don't know if I should be...
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    if statement / rsync back-up query

    Hi, I'm new to Linux and I'm not sure where to place this thread? I'm looking to start using raspberry pi for some projects around house. Want to be able to back up files automatically to usb using cron, but, first have to create bash script in order to do so. The folder I would like to back up...