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  1. mike_linux

    How to use properly xrandr to get the appropriate resolution on both monitors

    Hello, I have two monitors with the following resolutions: 1. DELL 3840x2160 2. HP 3440x1440 and I am using Ubuntu 18.04.LTS. Both monitors are aligned such that the DELL monitor is my main monitor on the left and the Dell monitor is on the right. When I am working on my main monitor and setup...
  2. mike_linux

    Post install Grub on separate partition

    Hi guys, I have two operating systems one is Ubuntu 18.04. and the other is Win10 home. Both of them are installed on two separate SSD discs (both discs have 500GB capacity). I have installed them on separate discs because I don't want to hurt one of the OS if I need in the future to reinstall...