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    My computer went slow suddenly, I suspect it is my hard disk

    Hey, i run the last version of linux mint, and suddenly my performance dropped my shells take some time to boot, firefox takes muchh more ram than before, pdf takes time to show up, the experience is not very smooth i suspect its my hard disk that is slower than usual, but i have no idea if its...
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    data recovery wont work with gpart, formated external drive by mistake

    i hope this is the right place to post this... hey everyone, i have very important data that i stored on a drive that i formated with gparted (by error), i know im very stupid the file system is ext4 (i used mkfs.ext4 on it long ago) and the new format is the same, so gparted only took 13...
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    one computer --> multiple screens and keyboard

    Hey, subject: i'd like to with one computer , have different live sessions (each one with its own screen and keyboard and mouse) that could possibly interact with each others so far: maybe its possible to implement something like that with X or something I cant seem to find any information on...
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    Boot problem

    hey everyone, i cant boot on my linux mint system, im afraid maybe grb2 is broken or even uninstalled im totally lost! would you please help? boot repair didnt work and gave me this : Boot Info Script 8f991e4 + Boot-Repair extra info [Boot-Info 25oct2017] =============================...