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  1. 70 Tango Charlie

    Where did your username come from?

    That was very well done. I could not really appreciate it as much as I would like, because of my deteriorating hearing. But, I could hear enough to enjoy it. My wife did also. I still have an old 33 of Segovia stashed somewhere around the house. He did things I had never heard before on a plain...
  2. 70 Tango Charlie

    What to expect for privacy

    If I may get my 2 cents worth in.......I remember reading somewhere a long time ago, that "You are your own worst enemy!" {More philosophy}. I have come around to thinking that is very close to being a true statement. We all have some bad habits we have learned somewhere. It is difficult to...
  3. 70 Tango Charlie

    Where did your username come from?

    @KGIII Just read your post {just a tad late}. In 1956 I was in the US Army, stationed at Ft Bliss Texas {El Paso}. I remember going to town once to hear Andres Segovia play a concert on a Spanish guitar, seated on a folding chair in the middle of a stage. I believe the place held about 2,000...
  4. 70 Tango Charlie

    CPU level security threat. How can we protect ourselves?

    @Angry Dog I noticed a couple of comments that I would like to respond to. You mentioned that you are old enough to remember how things use to work before the internet. Just how old is that? I had an older brother who worked for IBM back in the 50s and 60s. I was not interested in computers at...
  5. 70 Tango Charlie

    New to Linux

    @watson Greetings and welcome! My opinion is that Linux Mint is the easiest distro to transition to from Windows. Several reasons for that include: 1-MATE is very similar to the Windows desktop look and feel. 2-The Mint community is very active and supportive. 3-Most everything just works out...
  6. 70 Tango Charlie

    its official!

    Greetings @Hillbilly H Please, please, please ...... before you start screwing around with your new toy ..... open up Timeshift and do a backup on an external drive. That way, you are covering your rear-end when {not if} you screw things up. Not only that, but it will establish a good habit for...
  7. 70 Tango Charlie

    Questions on PDF's & JSON files.

    @Nik-Ken-Bah Nik, I just went over to the Calibre app and they do offer the ability to change the format of PDFs, E-Pubs, etc into several other formats. RTF is another one I noticed. I changed the Mike Garcanz book from E-Pub over to txt format. The quality is very good. OG TC
  8. 70 Tango Charlie

    Questions on PDF's & JSON files.

    @Nik-Ken-Bah You might want to look at this as an opportunity to refresh your typing skills!!! LOL. I don't know for sure but Calibre may be of some help. If you don't have it installed, I'm sure you can find it in Software Manager. {LM 20.1} I have seen some PDF files that I could copy and...
  9. 70 Tango Charlie

    CPU level security threat. How can we protect ourselves?

    Linus Torvalds has 32 gb of ram on his rig. TC
  10. 70 Tango Charlie

    HP LIP Toolbox

    The closest I can come is Database. TC
  11. 70 Tango Charlie

    CPU level security threat. How can we protect ourselves?

    @Angry Dog Greetings, and welcome. If you are looking for 'perfect' security in the computer world; I'm afraid you will be disappointed. There are ways to 'protect' your valuable data however. I personally use USB memory sticks. I have several in the 256 gb range that I use for the data that is...
  12. 70 Tango Charlie

    Learning Linux Mint 20

    @wizardfromoz Chris, I show it as US $39.94. OG TC
  13. 70 Tango Charlie

    Update your computer!

    Here is one of E Hubbards' interesting comments on academic education: Academic education is the act of memorizing things read in books, and things told by college professors who got their education mostly by memorizing things read in books. All three of our sons have engineering degrees...
  14. 70 Tango Charlie

    Update your computer!

    :eek: ......... :cool:
  15. 70 Tango Charlie

    Update your computer!

    @Condobloke Oh my! I did not realize that can of worms was so BIG! LOL!!!! "The 'manufacterer' of Linux Mint knows his stuff. Trust him/her. I do." A-1 Bro. He (they) is-are good at what they do. I have never come close - in about 4 - 5 years - to breaking the system when doing an update...
  16. 70 Tango Charlie

    Update your computer!

    @Condobloke It is amazing to me that people want the freedom that Linux brings to the individual; but do not want the individual responsibility that comes with that freedom. Responsibility is the price of freedom. On the Linux Mint blog posted above, I saw a couple posts where the poster...
  17. 70 Tango Charlie

    Why Linux users are insistent on Microsoft Office?

    Hello guys and gals, I just finished installing the latest version of Libreoffice from the LO website. It does indeed have the Online Update feature, as per the ss I just now took. I am using LM 20.1 MATE. OG TC
  18. 70 Tango Charlie

    New (additional) Super Moderator

    @KGIII I can't think of anything original to write so I will just say: THANKS for helping out with the work that keeps this forum going! I know that both Chris and Rob will greatly appreciate what you will be doing. Old Geez TC
  19. 70 Tango Charlie

    Mint Just As Buggy As Windows

    @Nelson Muntz "Anything important on my hard drive gets saved to several other devices immediately." That is exactly what I have been doing since flash drives have come down in price. You have your own personal 'Cloud'. The 'most important', I carry with me in my pocket when I leave home. That...
  20. 70 Tango Charlie


    Glad to hear you guys are safe. TC We live right by the Grand River which drains into Lake Michigan. Some live right on it and get flooded every year. I guess they love living near the water.