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  1. CptCharis

    Gnome Boxes Virtualisation

    I found it pretty cool. You can try it.
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    Just for fun - Linux Jokes and Memes

    Old school
  3. CptCharis

    create a database

    Try again without quotes
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    The Linux family tree.

    Linux is freedom, A freedom that is given by the choice. Of course there are many distros and of course nobody of us will never test, or much more, will use all of them. When I get in this beautiful world of linux, I realised that there are distros for running my pc like ubuntu or Mint and other...
  5. CptCharis

    No wi fi with live usb.

    Actually is 19.2 Tina and supporting touchscreen.
  6. CptCharis


    Hello everybody, I am happy to announce that Linux Mint Tina edition (19.2), supporting perfectly touchscreen.
  7. CptCharis

    No wi fi with live usb.

    Dear @atanere, you are right once again. Finally I managed to download Mint 19.1 ISO file using ship's internet. It took more than 3 hrs but it worth it. Yes, new kernel is working with new DELL hardware, wifi is working perfectly.
  8. CptCharis

    Virtual Box Guest additions

    My dear friend @atanere , First of all I would like to thank you for your prompt response to almost all of my questions ( and they are many of them:) ). It’s really interesting that both of my laptops and both really supported OS like Mint and windows can not install Guest Addition and actually...
  9. CptCharis

    Virtual Box Guest additions

    Thanks a lot @Alexzee, I didn’t know that I would try one of supported distros and I will revert .
  10. CptCharis

    Virtual Box Guest additions

    Hello everybody!!! Can somebody explain to me why I can't install Guest additions in my VB? I couldn't do on my old laptop and I can't also do on the new one. I couldn't do on Linux distributions (hosts) I can't also do on Windows. What am I doing wrong??
  11. CptCharis

    No wi fi with live usb.

    Hello @atanere , yeap , long time , my fault too. We made the same thought but unfortunately I can’t download an .iso file right now . I’m on board and use 4g. Anyway i can effort windows for the moment. :p I will try again once I will be home .
  12. CptCharis

    No wi fi with live usb.

    Hello there !!! I just bought a new laptop and of course is coming with windows. When machine is booting on windows wi fi is working, when I’m booting it from Mint live USB, ( using Sonia btw) can’t see any wi fi connection.
  13. CptCharis

    A great Linux youtuber for new explorers

    Hello @Go449 and thank you for searing. Check also this out!
  14. CptCharis

    Partition (data) recovery

    Hello @Eriberi ! There are some tools you can use such as “Scalpel”, “Foremost” and of course “PhotoRec” as @atanere already said. Good luck !!!
  15. CptCharis

    Ubuntu server in Raspberry Pi 4

    Hello guys , did anybody try Ubuntu server for Pi 2 and/or 3 in Pi 4?
  16. CptCharis

    Best Arch Based Distro

    Give a try to ArcoLinux, it’s realy worth it. If you don’t like distro itself you will like for sure their tutos.
  17. CptCharis

    Conky - anyone closely familliar with it?

    @rado84 the easiest way is to find another conky that already can display this infos and copy paste the code. That's the magic of open Open-source software :p :D
  18. CptCharis

    Raspberry Pi

    May I ask for the link where did you order it dear sir? Since is not yet available in my "village".
  19. CptCharis

    Raspberry Pi

    Hello guy!!!! I am interesting about Pi too, actually I am about to set up my own cloud at my home. Just yesterday I saw that Pi 4 is released and this is making me more curious.
  20. CptCharis

    How to install mysql in ubuntu ?

    Thanks @wizardfromoz Chris, sometimes I am very exited to answer :p :D