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    [Solved] Pulseaudio randomly switches audio device

    I have seen something like this when I have two different sound devices. For example I have a built in analog controller, and a digital (HDMI) controller. I can telect specific applications which one to use. I might have VLC use one, and have totem use the other. Do the applications you...
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    Max Client TCP Ports?

    I suspect you mean sockets. For example if you have 100 clients talking to a web server on port 80, it's still only one port. The number of clients is kind of irrelevant. Again using a web server as a example. My web server only runs on one port on one IP address. Apache may break down into...
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    RHEL 7 TimeZone lost after reboot

    My first thought is that your NTP server time is wrong.
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    Can't get CD burners to work properly.

    What are you making these for? A stereo CD player? A car CD player? A computer? Your computer can use a normal iso9660 "data" CD or DVD to play MP3's. 'Some' (but not all) car stereo's can play MP3's. All car stereo's play .WAV files on an 'audio' formatted CD by default.
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    gconf/dconf - gsettings

    MATE, Gnome and KDE all use it. But it's not so much about the GUI, obviously you can use the CLI gsettings, etc... But rather the fact that is something like a registry for Linux. A bus setting editor.
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    slackware with a late kernel?
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    [Solved] No speaker sound but wired headphone working! Help

    My Lenovo X1 Carbon has a setting in the UEFI to disable the on-board sound. You might check to see if you have something similar.
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    gconf/dconf - gsettings

    There are many things I like about Linux over MS Windows. One of these things for a long time was no WindowsRegistry However it seems lately Linux is leaning more and more towards "registry type" configurations. I have mixed feeling about this. For example, in the "old days" (a couple of...
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    Any free VPNs for Linux?

    Depends on what you mean by free. badvpn vpnc (Cisco) strongswan openconnect ocserv for openconnect fortinet vpn client Some of these are free to download and install. However there is sometimes additional cost from your provider to run public IPs and things required to make these work.
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    (SOLVED) Laptop touchpad drivers

    It should natively support your touch-scrren. Keep in mind not all desktop environment support touch-screens. Gnome does for sure, I'm not sure about all the others, but I know some don't.
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    Hello, Need help with Nagios Core 4.4.6

    I should have been more specific. Not the path to nagios. But rather the path to your nagios website.
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    Hello, Need help with Nagios Core 4.4.6

    Good point, but there is also a nginx.conf and you set the webdirectory root in here as well.
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    Hello, Need help with Nagios Core 4.4.6

    You could also make your default DocumentRoot /path/to/nagios in your httpd.conf
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    My boss wants met to get rid of Linux and install windows

    Then why doesn't he get rid of windows?
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    No partition data, but can mount disk manualy

    So it looks like this disk is formatted as a DOS disk. Since it is 2T, I would recommend that you redo the partition table as GPT. NOTE** - I only recommend this if you have a UEFI type BIOS. fdisk /dev/sdb g (for gpt partition table) w (to write new partition table...
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    No partition data, but can mount disk manualy

    df only shows mounted partitions. fdisk /dev/sdb then "p" (for print) will show the partitions Also if you like GUIs, gparted will show the partitions. sdb would be the disk. sdb1 sdb2 etc... would be the partitions.
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    Media players skip first few seconds of audio

    I have several flavors of Linux running, and it doesn't do it on any on them. How much RAM on your system?
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    Android vs Linux

    I've installed Linux on several android devices. I can say, it is possible, and I can say "it runs". That's about it. Usually the GUI display doesn't work. Usually the wifi network doesn't work. The USB/Ethernet connection works about 50% of the time. The ARM CPUs aren't the fastest. But...
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    (Help) Lost fedora34-cinnamon entries in grub bootup after installing fedora34-gnome

    Technically you aren't running three different OS's. Some BIOS's only list boot by OS. But as f33dm3bits said, why not just run mutiple desktops on a single install of Fedora.
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    we are checking your browser..

    I have to admit, it is kind of a nuisance. I likely won't log in for a while.