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  1. wizardfromoz

    Introduction to Linux

    See #27 page 1 He hasn't got to it yet (I know, three years). I'd just browse through them and see what you find interesting or useful. Welcome to :) Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    zorinos and other ddos based spellling tools

    @Sseizzenica - I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Please explain Chris Turner wizardfromoz
  3. wizardfromoz

    Help me to understand

    @Sseizzenica - I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Please explain Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Timeshift & Similar Solutions - Safeguard & Recover Your Linux

    Good work so far, Andy :) Simplest thing in most circumstances is, if you are able to boot to a Live USB stick - to have a Mint Live or a Linux Lite Live on hand. Both of these have Timeshift installed, they will warn that they are Restore Only (can't take a snapshot), which is all you want...
  5. wizardfromoz

    Our school is now running Linux

    Not my most diplomatic of answers, but I would challenge the teachers that if they learned Linux they would learn why we don't need it (AV) And that if they don't (learn) they will ultimately be left behind. I haven't used AV for 7 years that I have been fulltime Linux, currently 68 Distros on...
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    How to set hotkey for simplescreenrecorder ?

    Care to share with us what Distro you are using? says in part Cheers Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    Help me to understand

    Anne, always tell us, even in your Thread title, what Distro you are using that features the problem - name, version number, even desktop environment. Sometimes we send our crystal balls out for a service. :) Wiz
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    KISS way to duplicate OS partition ?

    Sounds like you need Timeshift, Anne, have you tried it? I run 68 Distros from 4 different families and I have Timeshift installed on (I think) all but one that I am still working on. It is not particularly useful with BTRFS. Cheers Wizard
  9. wizardfromoz

    dd command response

    G'day Anne Not until it is finished, which may be quite a number of minutes, then it will show files copied and number of seconds taken to complete. There is a switch you can add which will provide a progress indicator, but the output generated by that usage is usually not the complete...
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    Movie Thread.

    Ta very much, Nelson - how have I missed this film? :) Two of my favourite actors, and I like Rob Reiner, including when he was Carroll O'Connor's son-in-law with All In The Family (which was based on the, IMO, better, original Till Death Us Do Part - UK). I was a big fan of his Dad, Carl...
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    Ayuda, por favor.

    Also Cheers, and welcome to Wizard
  12. wizardfromoz

    Ayuda, por favor.

    Hello. This is an English-speaking forum. Please use one of these links to translate to English, and edit your title to English. Thank you Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    helpl me please

    Just a heads up on DeepL - For those whose first language is English, this is a better link for you to use, it is in English on the front page Cheers Wiz
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    Help Install another distro

    OK, I've got that out of my system, now :) I was just headed in here from Arcolinux, an Arch-based distro (like Manjaro, but different a little), where I took some pics of my Timeshift setup that I apply across all distros. First thing I was going to say was words to the effect of "you know...
  15. wizardfromoz

    Help Install another distro

    What I'll do next is to show you how I have my Timeshift configured, with a view to your taking a full snapshot of your working distro to be stored to your 4TB drive. As part of that, we may get you to take a leap of faith and blow away existing snapshots, and start the collection of them...
  16. wizardfromoz

    Help Install another distro

    Note you are online, Gary, stay with me for a minute or two. Chris
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    How to make games on linux?

    Moving this to our Games section. Welcome @dprater Chris Turner wizardfromoz
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    How to change grub in linux ?

    G'day folks, not being blunt, but some of you are on the wrong track, I believe. The OP appears to be looking for an alternative Bootloader to Grub(2), of which there are a number, including rEFInd @mukto6121 I note you have a number of Posts under your belt. You could save me looking through...
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    helpl me please

    I'm going to give DeepL a run next day or two, and if the reviews it is getting here are an indication, I'll be putting it in my signature as well. Thanks Hornet, thanks David, and take it as read, we value all our helpers around here, we are lucky to have you all :) Wiz
  20. wizardfromoz

    helpl me please

    Bwiz no need for apologies, friend, and it is as you say :)