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  1. DexTheDog

    Windows 11 Leaked

    If my memory serves me right these are the same people who said windows 10 will be the last windows ( ) Obviously it may be a revision?
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    (SOLVED) Laptop touchpad drivers

    Installing the os will not be a problem as mint os even the heavyweight Cinnamon version only takes up about 18 gb as the laptop comes with a 32 gb drive.
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    Share your hardware setups

    Check my signature because I am lazy:)
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    [Solved] No speaker sound but wired headphone working! Help

    Are the speekers that you are talking about built in? And if they are maybe check for drivers?
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    (SOLVED) Laptop touchpad drivers

    It is not a touch screen but a touch pad (from what I can tell this is the right term but I may be wrong). Thanks for that info though if I upgrade in the future that we be quite handy.
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    (SOLVED) Laptop touchpad drivers

    So I am getting a HP Stream 11-inch HD Laptop (4 Gb of Ram 32 Gb hard drive) that has windows preinstalled I am planing on switching to Ubuntu or Mint. Both of these operating systems support live boot from a usb I am wondering if I could use this to check to see if it would natively support the...
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    Hardware Preferences

    I have already made a post similar to this ( ) as seen on this post almost all people have different preferences.I would be interested to know what specs persons run. On my signature I have a link to a list of my components.
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    I loved my floppydrive space

    Yea I know what a floppy drive is and I am tring to do a rasbery pi build in a AT case. Also my first pc was in a old ATX case where you put the drives in the floppy bay AKA that is why I started this thread.
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    I loved my floppydrive space

    does anyone else prefer the old fllopy drive bays for mounting hard drives?
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    Hello Wixen nice to have you here.
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    I am going to try making a linux based unity game.

    most likely it will be on a google drive
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    I am going to try making a linux based unity game.

    The point of this is not money-making as it is going to be a Linux game and I see no point in free os but you pay to play a game. Also, welcome to is this type of game that you are talking about something you are interested in, or is it just a business-like idea?
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    Bootloader not available

    What are your system specs
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    A thread for KGIII(post your fav car pics and info)
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    Hello World ! :-)

    Nice :)
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    Mint Debian

    Also sorry, for not putting this in the Linux mint thread.
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    Hello World ! :-)

    Is the hello world title a reference to the hello world command?