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    What makes a distro?

    I installed Debian XFCE on my friends old Dell laptop at the weekend. I realised pretty quickly why it is considered difficult to use for beginners, and to some extent why it is considered so good. Fortunately my brief experience was enough that it wasn't that difficult. I had to add non-free...
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    Problem connecting to a specific WIFI connection (SOLVED)

    I was at my friends house yesterday and I had a strange issue where I couldn't connect to his WIFI. I am unsure how to research the problem. Back home, I am able to connect again. It didn't connect at all yesterday at my friends. It just said "connection lost" when I tried to connect. I...
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    Thoughts on Flatpaks and AppImages

    I've recently purged my Lubuntu of all the snaps I had installed, and the snapd/etc stuff that allows any snaps to run. It seems the snap versions of applications are bloated both in terms of installation size and RAM use. Are Flatpaks and AppImages considered to be similar to Snap packages...
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    Alsa/Pulseaudio - Some General Questions / Is it me (soundcard) or is it pulse?

    I have seen the pinned thread regarding what to do in case of no sound, and restarting pulseaudio works fine for me. As does the much longer process of rebooting that I was previously undertaking. However I have a few related questions to alsa/pulse. I don't really want to ask on SE as there...