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  1. Vrai

    There's no such thing as privacy.

    For anyone using ProtonMail, this weeks episode of Security Now with Steve Gibson may be worth checking out. To summarize: it's not really anonymous. ProtonMail is located in Switzerland (which is loudly touted) and must abide by Swiss law. So when the Swiss government demanded logs ProtonMail...
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    Troubleshooting random system shutdowns

    This may be an inane question but troubleshooting often begins with eliminating the obvious: are you sure the machine is actually "shutting down"? Or is the screen just 'blanking'? Does this happen on either battery supply or AC power? Both? If the issue occurs among various distros I would be...
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    The original question , "how do I remove a downloaded app?" may have been misleading!

    Try this; Solve Error: Snap “package” has “install-snap” change in progress
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    Some interesting, informative and useful posts.

    Nice list. Thanks for sharing! :)
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    <solved> Debian 10 - firmware missing; no network

    Just so you are aware - Debian does Not like to include proprietary, closed source, non-free software in it's distribution. The lack of Wi-fi drivers may be just the tip of the iceberg. Which is 'O.K.' - if you are willing to wrestle with your installation to get everything working. Otherwise a...
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    Brighten Up Your Day - GRUB Menu Theming Wizard-style

    A very wise Wizard! I know from experience that it can be very confusing when using the same background on multiple installations. Or even among multiple apps in the same installation! :)
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    Strange Happenings, Unable To Use Computer

    No. You will lose the files that way. Transfer any data (files) you wish to save to an external storage device first. Then proceed as usual with the installation.
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    Strange Happenings, Unable To Use Computer

    You can use a "Live" .iso ( DVD or USB ) of Linux, such as the Linux Mint installation media you used to install Linux Mint with, to boot into. This would be roughly equivalent to Windows "Safe Mode" - only more powerful. I would be most interested to see "exactly" what your partition scheme...
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    Very concerned

    This is very disconcerting to me. A post was made commenting on what I believe is a valid and timely topic. Specifically, censorship and the political pendulum. I believe this is a worthy topic and should be discussed among Linux aficionados. Unfortunately the "moderator", in zealous proficiency...
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    Wanted to move to Linux how to start

    After installing Linux alongside Windows either one or the other operating system will boot up and run. They will not both run at the same time. Therefore, all the RAM ( 4 GB )will be available to the operating system in use. 4 GB of RAM should be enough to 'comfortably' run most Linux distros...
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    Problem with boot Mint 19.3

  12. Vrai

    What is your favorite quote

    "Follow your bliss - and doors will open you never knew were there." - Joseph Campbell
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    [Solved] Disable Power Save settings for display in Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS?

    Have you also disabled the screensaver? I seem to recall having to disable two separate settings in order to prevent the screen blanking.
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    A Tiger In Colored Pencil

    Very cool ! :cool:
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    I've been contemplating doing this for a while now. My 19.3 Cinnamon on my desktop machine is...

    I've been contemplating doing this for a while now. My 19.3 Cinnamon on my desktop machine is running perfectly though. I think I will either back-up my data and then 'nuke&pave' or perhaps switch to a distro with a good implementation of KDE. I have a brand new 500GB SSD eager to start pulling...
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    hello, good people, greenie here

    Hah! That may be just the reason I was interested in Linux and started using it! :cool: Welcome to the awesome forums!
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    @mauri76 Hello! And, welcome!
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    Linux for windows

    I might be wrong here but I think it may be very helpful if you provide more information about your machine and the operating system.
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    a quick into

    "brickwizard" - much better! ;)
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    Media burners? So many to choose!

    I have always liked K3b, but as you have observed, it can be problematic. Brasero is a good basic burner application. It sometimes makes a difference which desktop environment you are using and which Linux distro. If you post that information you may get some good recommendations. I still use...